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2012-13 Grants Awarded

Keller Family Venture Grants 
Awarded Blocks 1-8, 2012-13

Name Year Home City Project Faculty Sponsor
Charlotte Allyn '15 New York, NY Say This Life: A Journey in Discovery of Joe Bolton
Daniel Alvarado '13 San Antonio, TX Rhizomic Urbanism: Improvised and Organic Solution in the Post-Industrial American City
Philip Angelides '13 Houston, TX The World Cup: Summer Olympics and Environmental Justice in Rio de Janeiro
Yiqiao Bao '14 Beijing, China Genetics Exploration of Antibiotics-Eaters
Trevor Barron '15 Bethel Park, PA Benchmarking Mathematical Algorithms Running in Parallel on Graphics Processing Units
David Becker '15 Memphis, TN Festival, Design, and Event Production
Ellen Beckett,
Leona Waller
Berwyn, PA
Berkely, CA
Water Management at the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Playa, Nevada
Zachary Bellows '13 Palo Alto, CA Impacts of Unmanaged Waste on Local Balinese Waterway and Community Health Implications
Laura Blackett '13 Norfolk, MA Apprenticeship with Colorado Springs Woodworker, Geoffrey Keating
Sara Bodner,
Gabrielle Kaminsky
Ridgefield, CT
Chicago, IL
Bourdieu's Theories on Cultural and Economic Capital: Fifty Years Later
Samuel Bray,
Michael Stevens
Englewood, CO
Potomac, MD
Through a Lens: Capturing the Effects when Industry and Nature Collide
Zane Bridgers
Patrick Hardy
Princeton, NJ
Charlestown, WV
Aztec Mythology in Teotihuacan and Izta-Popo Zoquipan National Park
Raphael Broh '13 Brookline, MA Biology-Physics Collaboration to Investiage the Genetic and Structural Basis of Competence in Bacteria
Suzanna Brown '14 Napa, CA Alternative Artistic Practices
Timothy Bruns '14 West Hartford, CT The Outdoor Culture of Jordan
Audrey Burns '13 Bel Air, MD Human-Geography of Montreal: Experiences In-Place and Out-of-Place
Elizabeth Burrus '13 Prescott, AZ Theory of Mind and Understanding of Self-Conscious Emotions in Children with Autism
Jennifer Cajina-Grigsby '14 Managua, Nicaragua Immigration and Ethnic Diversity in the British Society: An Exploration Through Visual Sociology and Gastronomy
Ben Capelin '16 Durango, CO A Mycological Tapestry
Tiffany Cardenas,
Claire McNellan
Aurora, CO
Boulder, CO
Understanding Santiago Ramon y Cajal, the Father of Modern Neuroscience
Katherine Cirullo '13 Farmington, CT Growing Food and Building Community: An Ethnographic Study of a Community Urban Farm
Ellen Cole '14 Lyman, ME Coming Home: Women and their Return from War
Evan Cole,
Joshua Kim,
Daniel Rosseau
Edina, MN
Colorado Springs, CO
Ridgefield, CT
Parallel and Distributive Computing with the Rasperry
John Collis '13 Upper Saddle River, NJ colvanoes of the East African Rift Vally: An Investigation Detailing the Volcanology of Ethiopia and its Role in Cultural Development
Amanda Cooke '14 Newcastle, ME Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory Research Internship
Edward Crawford,
William Durrett
Seattle, WA
Atlanta, GA
Using Seismic Refraction to Image the Structure of the Critical Zone
Colby Diamond '13 Belle Mead, NJ The Zuia Project and Social Entrepreneurship
Katie Dougherty '14 Anchorage, AK Exploring Post-Modern Xenophobia: Muslim Immigrant Communities in Holland
Natalie Dupille '13 Seattle, WA Performative and Inequality in Contemporary BDSM/Leather Culture
Chris Edmonds '14 Portland, OR Environmental Inequity in Southern Spain: Drawing and Mapping the Environmental Divide
Meryl Ellingson '15 Platteville, WI Modern Manifestations of Orientalism: Marketing Tradition in Oman
Justine Epstein,
Kyle Lutz
Takoma Park, MD
Pacific Palisades, CA
An Inquiry into the Spirit of Place in Andean Education
David Fay '13 Cherry Hills Village, CO Investigating the Effect of Human Disturbances on Local Ecosystems
Nicole Fazio '13 Littleton, CO Thermodynamics of Steroid Receptor-Promoter Assembly
Victoria Frecentese '13 Stillwater, MN The Aurora Borealis: A Personal and Photographic Investigation
David Freedman '14 Haverford, PA Practical Methods in Mineral Exploration
Anna Fuchs '13 Los Angeles, CA The Identity of the Jewish American Princess
Lucy Gamble '15 Lyme, NH Life Giving Blues and Greens, an Investigation of Riparian Habitats Along the Colorado Trail
Baiza Getabecha '13 Denver, CO Cultural and Linguistic Differences in Veterinary Practice
Robin Gleason '13 Freeport, ME Capturing Water: A Multimedia Artistic Exploration in Coastal Nicaragua
Olivia Hart '14 San Antonio, TX Religious Temples as a Reflection of Culture: East vs. West
Tara Hatfield '14 Fort Collins, CO Juak Manis: An Analysis of the Music and Performance-Based Variation
Colbert Heathcott '16 Boca Raton, FL 2184 Miles: Discovering America on the Appalachian Trail
Blair Huff '14 Edmond, OK Good and Bad Government in Giotto's Arena Chapel Frescos
Grace Hunter '14 Portola Valley, CA Interviewing Insurrectionists: Anarchism in Italy at Present
Linda Jimenez '14 Denver, CO Investigation of the Function of a Starvation Induced Gene in Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 Strain
Nicole Kaufman '13 Amherst, MA Polyamory: Loving More in a Monogamous World
Taylor Kelson '14 Lakewood, CO The Role of Gender in the Scoring of High School Mock Trial
Robert Kerr '15 Keene, NH Cultural Exploitation and Housing Displacement in Rio de Janeiro
Zach Keskinen '15 Fairbanks, AK Synthesis of Nitrogen Analog of SCYX-7158
Jimin Kim '14 Colorado Springs, CO Shifting the Focus from the Politics to the People in the Korean War: Separation of Families and the People as Living Memoirs of History
Kangmin Kim '15 Gwangju, South Korea Optimal Rennet Coagulation Conditions for Various Kinds of Cheese
Ariella Knight '14 Boston, MA Development Initiatives for Palestinian Refugees: Microfinance Programs in Amman, Jordan
Leland Krych '13 Austin, TX Are Competence Gevei Necessary for the GASP Stage in Acinetobacter baylyi?
Sean Kwo '14 Carmel, IN The Greening of Buddhist Practice: Exploring the Marriage of Zen Practice and Environmentalism at the Green Gulch Farm Zen Center
Brendan Lamarre '13 Denver, CO The Musical Tesla Coil
Judy Brooke Larsen '14 Salt Lake City, UT Sustainable Agriculture in Italy and Spain: A Look at the Interrelationship Between Politics, Culture, and the Environment in Rural European Union
Nathan Lee '13 Spring Lake, MI Why Alumni Give: Motivation Behind Charitable Giving at Colorado College
Rebecca Lehman '14 Concord, NH Intensive Language and Vocal Study at the Oberlin Conservatory in Italy
William Lindsay '13 Boulder, CO Monoterpene, Tannin and Ion Profiles in Timber Pine Attached by Dwarf Mistletoe
Devon MacLeod '13 Santa Fe, NM Ironman Triathlon, Mexico 2013
Ruth Markwadt '14 Appleton, WI Political Ecologies of Health: Understanding Hypertension Patters and Perceptions Among Oglala Lakota Sioux
Margaret McKeon '14 Falmouth, ME Belize Valley Archaeology Reconnaissance: The Classic Mayan Landscape
Phoenix McLaughlin '14 Hampton, NH Dissertations Meet Legislation: An Examination of International Water Sciece-Policy Interfaces
Luigi Mendez '14 Caracas, Venezuela The Impacts of City Sustainability Measures on Issues of Environmental Justice in Birmingham, UK
Jessica Meyer '13 Belmont, MA Global Youth Advocacy of Sexual and Reproductive Rights: Interning with ADC in San Pedro, Costa Rica
Benjamin Munyao '14 Kenya HIV/AIDS and Malaria Insurance in Kenya
Elizabeth Newcombe '13 Lambertville, NJ Art and Architecture in Cusco, Peru
Isabel Norwood '14 Lakewood, CO Cymru Am Byth: Language Revitalization in Wales as a Model for the World
Dustin Ordway,
Kate Rafter
Colorado Springs, CO
Portland, OR
Work with Dance Theater Choreographer, Dan Safer
Amie Owen '14 Colorado Springs, CO Phenotypic Expression of Starvation-Induced Genes in Acinetobacter baylyi Under Stressful Conditions
Sarah Perez-Sans,
Melanie Yemma
Hinsdale, IL
Westport, CT
From Ancient Mayan Treasure to Modern-Day Commodity: A Cultural Analysis of Fair Trade Chocolate in Southern Belize
Kathryn Perry '14 Country Club Hills, IL An Exploration of Patronage in the 17th Century: Bernini's Baldacchino as an Image of Papal Power
Sarah Phillips '13 Darien, CT Student Partnership in Action: GlobeMed in East Africa
Lila Pickus '13 Wichita, KS Uncommisioned Art and the Museum
Lindsey Pointer '13 Fort Collins, CO The Integration of Indigenous Spiritual Practices in Restorative Justice in Hawaii
Anya Powers '16 Naperville, IL The EU and Mother Teresa
Teo Price-Broncucia '14 Denver, CO Renewable Energy in Spain: A Holistic Inquiry
Michael Raab '16 Orchard Park, NY Sustainable Living Practices in Costa Rica
Zane Randell '14 Weston, CT The Management of National Parks in Nicaragua and National Goals of Economic Development
Amanda Rennecker '14 Castle Rock, CO Analysis of Microsatellites in Flammulated Owls
Anneliese Rice '13 Boise, ID Dance, Movement, and the Art of Nonviolent Communications
Mark Riley '14 Coto de Caza, CA The Effects of Tourism on Sherpa Spirituality in Sagarmatha National Park
Nicholas Roman '16 Bethesda, MD A Walk in the Woods: Narrating Nature on the Pacific Crest Trail
Edward Ruiz '13 Spring, TX Building a 3D Printer for the Computer Science Program
John Russell,
Sam Seiniger
Baltimore, MD
Boise, ID
Cultural Isolation and Cultural Tourism on the Chiloe Archipelago, Chile
Benjamin Sandalow '13 Washington, DC Terraba Tribe: Culture and Media
Ellen Scully '13 Rocky Hill, CT Analyzing the Inspiration Japanese Art Provided for the Impressionist Movement
Kathleen Senn '13 Pueblo West, CO Impact of the Korean Wave on Japanese Perception of South Korean Culture and People
Davis Shamburger '13 Atlanta, GA Searching for Spirituality in British Columbia's Valhall Mountains
Rebecca Simpson,
LeeAna Wolfman
Southlake, TX
New York, NY
Alternative Artistic Practices
Erin Slay '14 Arvada, CO Growth Advantage Stationary Phase (GASP) in Acinetobacter baylyi Type IV Secretion Systems Mutants
Ellen McGough Smith '16 Dallas, TX Cambrian Explosion: A Study of the First Appearance of Clams and Geochemical Changes in the Ocean
Shaye Smith '13 Colorado Springs, CO Natural History Museum Visitors' Understanding of Human Evolution
Emily Spiegel '15 Wilmington, DE Building a Social Movement: Engaging in Dialogue with a Non-Profit Arts Organization to Effectively Support Youth Activism in New Orleans, Louisiana
David Swift '13 Fort Collins, CO Public Child Daycre Services in San Carlos Region, Costa Rica: Utilization of the Cen-Cinai Program and the Role in Early Childhood Development
Paul Todd '13 Greeley, CO Vernacular and Modern Architecture in Kerala India: Building Architecture to Reflect Climatic Geographic Necessity
Camilla Vogt '13 Concord, MA Bread Riots: How the Basic Commodity of Food Can Incite People to Political Action, the Case of the Middle East
Hailey Walsh '14 Canbury, NJ Experiments in Combining Print Media: the Multi-Layered Print
Richard Andrew Warden '14 Exploration of Wood Boat Building Techniques and Design Travel to Nepal to research “Urban Development in Nepal: The Influence of Traditional Nepali Architecture on Nepali Cities
Katherine Whalen '14 Norman, OK Islam in France: Challenges of Muslim Immigration and Integration
Achini Wijesinghe '13 Maharagama, Sri Lanka Research on Social Stratification and Educational Policy in Sri Lanka
Erin Wolpert '15 Kensington, MD A Study on the Adjustment of Ex-Ultra Orthodox Jews in Secular Isreali Life
Melissa Woolley '13 Colorado Springs, CO Creation of Paintings and Drawings en plein air in Sata Fe, New Mexico
Hillary Zeiss '13 Southbury, CT The Istanbul Contemporary Art Movement: Turkish Identity within Museum Culture
Noah Zemel '16 Bloomfield, CT An Introspective Experience: Canoeing the Quetico