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Pilot Projects


See the May 2014 report on the first ten pilot projects.

Ten pilot projects funded

Ten pilot projects have been awarded grants to help show how the new Center for Immersive Learning and Engaged Teaching will contribute to the mission of the college.

The grants were awarded by an “action team” of faculty and staff chaired by Anne F. Hyde, professor of history.

The pilot projects are:

  1. The Colket Center, $2,500 to pilot peer tutorial services supporting oral communication across the curriculum. Funds will be used for wages of peer tutoring staff.
    Contact: Traci Freeman. Tentative Project Start Date: Spring 2014.
  2. Funds of $9,800 to pay the Writing Center's part-time professional writing tutor for additional hours while Molly Gross is teaching senior theses-related writing courses.
    Contact: Traci Freeman. Tentative Project Start Date: Spring 2014.
  3. Using a motivation scale developed by colleagues at James Madison University and other analytic tools, this project seeks to study the Block Plan by moving beyond a “survey stage” to examine students’ perceptions and student achievement. Award:  $6,750.
    Contact: Stephen Getty. Tentative Project Start Date: Fall 2014.
  4. A project to develop a formal program to support the further integration of visual and material culture-based learning opportunities at the college.  Award: $8,200.
    Contact: Jessica Hunter-Larsen. Tentative Project Start Date: Fall 2014.
  5. Supervising three advanced students of Italian, Andrea Righi plans to dedicate four weeks to subtitling a motion picture and producing a short video introduction to a film to be used in the Italian cinema course. Funds of $6,800 are for visiting experts.
    Contact: Andrea Righi. Tentative Project Start Date: Fall 2014.
  6. A new course in the Education Department that will focus on the needs of Spanish-speaking children. Award: $8,050.
    Contact: Martha Slayden. Tentative Project Start Date: Fall 2014.
  7. A three-day symposium during Parents’ Weekend 2014 on climate change, the “CC Alumni Climate Change Symposium.”   Award: $10,000.
    Contact: Mark Smith. Tentative Project Start Date: Fall 2014.
  8. A dynamic collaboration between three independent courses scheduled for summer and fall of 2014, the “CC Consortium on Procedural Rhetoric and the Digital Liberal Arts.” Award: $4,900.
    Contacts: Scott Krzych, Diane Alters, Jessie Dubreuil. Tentative Project Start Date: Summer 2014.
  9. The Networked and Extended Topics Project to support innovative curricula and enhanced pedagogy inside the First Year Experience program.  Award: $9,000.
    Contact: Jessie Dubreuil. Tentative Project Start Date: Fall 2014.
  10. This proposal focuses on creating “The Tiger Pen,” a place in the new Center devoted to focusing on and solving campus-wide problems.  Award: $9,000.
    Contacts: Anne Hyde, Kris Stanec, Jared Richman, Inger Bull, Diane Alters, Tomi-Ann Roberts, Chad Schonewill. Tentative Project Start Date: Fall 2014.

The proposals are to be implemented over the next few months.

The action team dispersed  $75,000. The action team was responsible for establishing a new academic center on campus and was asked to follow the recommendations of the Colorado College Plan: Building on the Block

After sending out a request for proposals to the Colorado College community on Dec. 2, the team received 18 proposals. Projects were evaluated by these criteria:

  • How well they showcase what could happen in a new Center.  
  • How well they support the strategic planning goals.
  • How well they help us build on our strong community by engaging students, faculty, parents, alumni, and friends of the College as both experts and learners.
  • How likely the project is to show significant progress by next fall.