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William Wolfram Fun Facts

William Wolfram

Q: Where do you get your musical inspiration?
A: Musically I've gotten most of my inspiration from the Golden Age of performers... that is to say, from long ago when individuality was encouraged much more than it is now.  Pianists: Horowitz, Gilels, Rachmaninoff, Kempff, Annie Fischer, Edwin Fischer, Sofranitsky, Byron Janis; Harpsicord: Wanda Landowska; Conductors: Furtwangler, Mravinsky; Singers: Bjorling Corelli, Wunderlich, Callas so many others too. Oddly enough some have made quite an impression on me even though I don't like much of what they play, but again, the personality is so large that a lot can be gained by digesting how they perform.   
I've been inspired by great speakers...the cadence they employ, their timing.  Some are not so nice as people but much can be learned from their skill set.
I've been quite inspired by some athletes, for instance John McEnroe. His tennis was elegant, improvisational and daring...that's everything I want to do on piano.

Q: What made you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?
A: I never had a moment when I knew I had to play the piano. Honestly, music was forced on me at an early age . Composition and piano both, and at first it diminished the quality of my life. It's way too long a story....but I truly love what I do and have for a long time.

Q: What are some current projects you are working on?
A: The Goldberg Variations are quite a current project, it's my second go-round on them. They are all consuming. The Schoenberg Piano Concerto was my last different BIG project.

Q: What drew you to the Colorado College Summer Music Festival?
A: An invitation to come. I started coming here in 1989 and it was a first class Festival then ...and it's continued to grow. It has a special feel to it, such a supportive audience, wonderful performing venues, and sensational Faculty. It's a jewel among Festivals.
- Bill Wolfram 2017