Stefan Hersh Fun Facts

"I will always see myself first and foremost as an ardent champion of chamber music in general and more specifically string quartets. As a third generation quartet player, the chamber music world and the string quartet medium have always been home for me. The democratic pursuit of chamber music performance is both a social challenge and a deeply artistic undertaking. The sheer beauty of the music, and the rewards felt in developing the high degree of personal maturity required of everyone who participates makes the challenge of chamber music worth the effort to those who hold those values high.
For a few weeks each year the CC Summer faculty and fellows gather to learn from one another and to curate and promote chamber music values. One of the most gratifying aspects of teaching at the festival is that the closely knit faculty models both the social and artistic values to the fellows to a consistency and degree rarely met with in any musical training program. The effect extends to all aspects of the festival from meals with our colleagues to lessons with the fellows. The fusion of artistic ferment, commitment to community, and passion for excellent teaching make the atmosphere of the CC Summer Music Festival unique, and is the reason many of us on the faculty have returned for so many years.
The festival fellows and audience all feel something special in everything from the noontime concerts to the faculty performances and the symphonic concerts. The community support for the festival, seen in full audiences and engaged locals, is yet more evidence that the CC Summer program is something special for the faculty, fellows, and Colorado Springs residents alike."
-Stefan Hersh, 2015
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