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Carol Wincenc Fun Facts

Carol Wincec

Q: Where do you get your musical inspiration?
A: I was born into a majorly musical family. My father, Dr. Joseph Wincenc, was a serious symphony conductor (Buffalo Philharmonic, the Amherst Symphony, and Orchard Park Symphony founder and director) and a superb violinist. He was my first teacher on the violin and then coached me all my life. He played in the Czech Philharmonic and was the first concertmaster of the Buffalo Phil! My mother was a wonderful pianist. I was born into music ever since day one. I picked the flute ultimately so that I could play in our school band. Very quickly I began playing in my father’s orchestra as well – with professionals!

Q: What made you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?
A: As my parents were a huge musical influence, and music was the language spoken at home, it was second nature to me. I spoke “music” before I spoke words. It was like brushing my teeth. I sang, danced, and was even in a serious drama group. Ballet was my passion, as well as swimming and hiking. I knew at the age of 12 that I was going to be a professional musician. Summer camps and festivals anchored all that- Brevard, Aspen, Chautauqua, Italy, Siena, Rome, Grand Teton Music Festival, Marlboro, and on it goes…

Q: What are some current projects you are working on?
A: I just finished a stunning recording with the Escher String Quartet and colleagues Tanya Dusevic Witek, flutist and former student, as well as pianists, Stephen Gosling and Emile Naoumoff at Yuko Uebayashi Recording (Music for flute with String Quartet and Music for two flute and piano). She is a spectacular composer. It is as if Nippon met Ravel!

I teach like a fiend at Juilliard and Stony Brook University. I don’t have much time to do anything other than prepare for my next concerts and see all of my students. I am so fortunate to teach at such serious and illustrious music schools. The level and quality of the students is staggering and keeps escalating all the time. Keeps me on my toes!

I also just finished my 6th set of books for Lauren Keiser Music Publishers- The Mozart Flute Concerti for just two flutes! That’s it, just two flutes!! It took an enormous amount of time to do, but it is a remarkably effective teaching tool, and gives total joy to play with any student or serious flute colleague!

Q: What drew you to the Colorado College Summer Music Festival?
A: With gratitude to Elizabeth Man, I am her sub for June 3-11. I am so looking forward to it! Colorado is a former home state for me. I was married to a Coloradan and was in Breckenridge for years at the BMI and NRO festivals. I even had a Carol Wincenc Flute Masterclass there in the 90s, and was also Principal Flute of the Aspen Chamber Symphony in the summers of 1970-72!

Q: What are you most excited for this upcoming festival season?
A: My wish would be to perform this gorgeous work written for me by Yuko Uebayashi for flute and string quartet called Misericordia, the one I just recorded. It is sublime and every audience leaps to their feet at the end. It is so deeply spiritual and effervescent. Also, I cannot wait to work with the students. I have heard so much about the festival for years. And to meet again with Susan Grace whom I actually performed with years and years ago! My thanks to Susan in every sense!! And of course I want to go up to Pikes Peak first thing when I get there. I am a most avid hiker and have climbed several of the 14 footers!

- Carol Wincenc 2016