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Respect & Integrity


As most of the policies reflecting the community value of respect are already in the student life policy section, we seek to elaborate on a policy that students sometimes forget applies to their living community and life outside the classroom.

Complying with College Officials

Students are expected to comply with college officials, even when they are confronted while in their own room or apartment. These are expectations that students should be living up to:

Carry their CCID and show it to any college official who requests it (including RA's).

  1. Cooperate when asked to leave a facility or remove prohibited items
  2. Schedule a meeting with an RLC or other college official when requested to do so
  3. Respond to emails from the residential life and housing staff relating to room assignments and other processes
  4. Follow the room selection and other procedures published by residential life and housing


All of the policies regarding integrity are discussed in the Student Code of Conduct and apply to behaviors in the residential communities.