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Learning to live effectively with others without major impact on the community is an important life skill. The department of residential life and housing provides the following policies to assist students in negotiating how to live in a community with each other, as well as how to live within the kinds of facilities we offer on campus. The residential life staff will work towards making each student’s experience positive, but students also share the responsibility of creating their own residential experiences. To this end, students are expected to take part in creating and upholding community standards, communicating with staff, and understanding and following policies. These policies have been developed to help students and staffs maintain a balance between the individual student and community needs. These policies should serve as guidelines for decision making, and enable students to consider the consequences of their decisions. Students are expected to confront their peers and, in exchange, create a safe environment for others to confront them on their own behaviors. Residential life staff are available to assist and advise students, and students should feel comfortable contacting their RA or RLC for assistance early, rather than let things build to a severe issue. If a student feels his/her individual circumstance warrants an exemption from a policy or there is a question about a specific policy, the student should contact his/her RLC to discuss it. Students should refer to the procedure section to learn more about residential life procedures.