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Student Organizations

Colorado College Student Government Association (CCSGA)

As the student government, the Colorado College Student Government Association (CCSGA) is concerned with all aspects of college life and serves all members of the campus community. CCSGA charters and recognizes student organizations (see CCSGA Student Organization Recognition Guidelines), appoints students to faculty and trustee committees, represents the student body in dialogues with college administration, and funds special projects, chartered organizations, and student publications.

Every CC student is a member of CCSGA from the time they enter the college. Each student has the right to have their voice heard through voting in campus elections, running in campus elections, applying to serve on a college committee, as well as attending the open CCSGA meetings. The executive council is the CCSGA governing body, comprising five elected senior positions: president, executive vice president, student concerns vice president, constitutional vice president, and financial vice president. In addition to these executive members, 13 district representatives are elected from various residential areas on and off campus. Students elect these representatives annually. One college administrator and one faculty member, as well as various ex-officio members, are also invited to participate.

The CCSGA executive council meets four times every block, and meetings are open to the entire campus community. Campus life and funding issues are addressed at every executive council meeting.

CCSGA executive council members are required to serve on two of the following CCSGA committees:

  • The Student Finance Committee considers funding requests weekly as decided by the financial vice president.
  • The Committee on Committees appoints student members to student-faculty and student-represented committees and regularly reviews their work to keep the campus informed.
  • The Constitutional Committee is responsible for public relations; reviewing and recommending status for student organizations, votes, and elections; and for ensuring that the constitution and election policy and procedures reflect student expectations.
  • The Student Concerns Committee is the channel through which all students voice grievances, comments, or concerns.

Other Student Organizations, Clubs, and Associations

All students are welcome to join the following organizations unless specified otherwise. All organizations are subject to the Colorado College Statement of Standards for Student Organizations. The status of each organization is indicated with (CH) for CCSGA-chartered organizations or (RC) for CCSGA-recognized organizations.

CC Film Union   The CC Film Union is a place for students to congregate, discuss ideas and pool the creative talent of established directors, editors, technical professionals and actors. The CC Film Union strives to create a more pro-active stance toward filmmaking at CC and to create a production team to undertake the documentation of events inside and outside the CC.
Asian American Student Union AASU To promote and preserve Asian culture at Colorado College and the surrounding community and to unify those interested in Asian culture regardless of race, sex, gender, ethnic group, political aspirations, or sexual preference.
Aprender Mediante Amistad AMA AMA is an ESL group working with the formerly-entitled Bijou Center in Colorado Springs. Volunteers consist entirely of Colorado College undergraduates who assist the children with their homework, help them improve their reading skills, and provide them with fun and educational activities. AMA provides tutoring support for the children because, in many cases, the parents of the children to not speak English fluently and are unable to help their children with the homework. We meet on the first three Tuesdays of every block, from 4:15-5:45 pm.
Amnesty International   Colorado College’s chapter of Amnesty International - Nobel Prize-winning grassroots activist organization with over 1.8 million members worldwide. Amnesty International undertakes research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from discrimination, within the context of its work to promote all human rights. Come join like-minded students concerned about international human rights issues!
Ballroom Dance Club   We meet weekly to learn new dance styles and review old ones.  New members are always welcome.  We also host events during the year- last year we had a Roaring 20’s themed dinner dance with a live band!
Biochemistry Club   Interested in biochemistry?  Molecular biology?  Then check out the Colorado College Chapter of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology!  The ASBMB club meets once a block to discuss exciting topics in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology, listen to speakers, perform science outreach programs and socialize with other biochem/molecular biology students. 
Black Student Union BSU Promotes education and understanding of culture and diversity on campus.
Colorado College Learning Initiative in the Mountains CCLIM CCLIM is a student-run environmental education program structured around an ideal of self and environmental respect.  CCLIM utilizes outdoor experiences to gain an appreciation for the environment and for life.  CCLIM strives to build a positive connection between Colorado College and the Colorado Springs community by providing fun, safe opportunities for youth at no cost to their families.  In addition, CCLIM also strives to introduce middle school students to college and give them the aspirations of attending college themselves.
Colorado College Student Government Association CCSGA CCSGA represents the student body and acts as a liaison between students and the administration.  It also administers student groups on campus.
Chaplain's Office   The chaplains’ office fosters the life of the spirit by inviting authentic spiritual exploration and meaningful religious commitment. Supporting the human quest for identity and belonging, we cultivate an education of the heart to enrich the unique intellectual adventure at CC.
Cipher   Cipher is Colorado College’s award winning alternative news and art magazine. Students, professors and community members are invited to contribute art and articles to the Cipher, which comes out the third week of every block.
Club Baseball   Miss it?  Come ball outrageous!
CC Community Kitchen   The CC Community Kitchen is a non-profit organization that serves a hot lunch to anywhere between 80 and 120 homeless guests every Sunday afternoon. Students and community members get together to prepare salad, desert, and a variety of different dishes. The kitchen is also a safe and casual zone for the guests to meet with each other, listen to some music, and socialize with students. Anyone is welcome to come help and/or eat! When: 10:00AM – 4:00PM (come in and out as you please!) Where: Behind Shove Chapel  
Cool Science   Our objective is to foster interest in science by going to schools in the community and teaching kids through exciting demonstrations and hands on experiences.
CREATE   Create matches Colorado College students with Mann Middle School girls to engage in creative, imaginative and experiential activities. The goal is to help the girls find a passion and through this passion build self- confidence. Activities will take place on the Colorado College campus using the college’s available resources.
Cutler Publications   We are a student-run organization that produces all three major CC publications- The Catalyst, Leviathan, and Cipher.  If you are interested in writing for a paper or journal, advertising, layout design, photography, or simply journalism in general, be sure to check out all that Cutler Publications has to offer!
Education for Village Children in India   The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness and money to help eliminate child labor, eradicate poverty, and to provide equal education opportunities for children in Southern India without discrimination to class or sex. Education for Village Children in India works hand in hand with the organization CFI, which recently built a school and is acquiring books for deprived village children.
Empty Bowls   Empty Bowls is an annual event that aims to raise money for the CC Community Kitchen and awareness of hunger and homelessness issues. Attendees receive a handcrafted bowl from the CC Arts and Crafts Center and delicious homemade soup as well as entertainment.
Entrepreneurship Club E-Club The Entrepreneurship Club gives students the opportunity to learn and explore the business world by hearing from engaging business leaders from the Colorado Springs area, and by sharing personal business ideas.  The goal of Entrepreneurship Club is to create a comfortable environment where students and adults can collaborate together to teach, learn, and network.  E-Club also gives students the opportunity to seek job and internship opportunities.
Equal   The confidential group for queer and questioning students! For anyone who identifies outside of the heterosexual norm, the gender binary, or who is questioning their sex, gender, or sexual orientation. Meets the first 3 Wednesdays of the block at the ID House (1115 N. Cascade Ave.—2 houses north of the library) at 8:00 PM. Food, fun, friends, and great discussions and activities every week! Completely confidential!
Fencing Club   The Fencing Club seeks to promote an open, safe, instructive, and fun environment for any prospective or current fencer to enjoy the sport of fencing.
Film Series   Film Series creates a strong sense of appreciation for film as an art at Colorado College through screening and discussing  a variety of films. Film Series  meets the first three Tuesdays of each block at 4:00PM in Worner 211. Everyone is welcome!
Fox Meadows Mentoring   Volunteers of the Fox Meadows Mentoring program spend one afternoon per block mentoring high-achieving Fox Meadows Middle School students. The program is designed to reward high-achieving middle school students, expose them to a college campus and encourage them to attend college. Although events vary from year to year, Fox Meadows Mentoring has included events such as attendance at CC hockey games, a holiday party and laser tag.
Freeriders Union of Colorado College FUCC The Freeriders Union of Colorado College is dedicated to skiing, snowboarding, and good times in the name of snow, gravity, and mountains.
Girls Day in the Lab   A unique opportunity for middle school girls to attend a college campus and experience college-level science labs taught by CC volunteers. Explicit science knowledge is not required, and males are more than welcome to lead labs as well.
Great Performers and Ideas GP&I Great Performers and Ideas is a student-run organization dedicated to providing the Colorado College community with performances each academic year, exposing students to cultural events and deepening their educational experience. 
Green House   The Green House discussion group meets weekly at Sacred Grounds to discuss the topics of faith, spirituality and sustainability.  Wednesday nights at 8pm. Come to meditate, discuss, serve or just hang out and drink coffee and tea.
Health Professions Club HPC The Health Professions Club is designed to help students interested in the health fields. We provide information, support and guidance for students before, during and after the application process. This club is not just for those that are pre-med. Students that are pre-vet, pre-dental or any other field are also welcome. We meet the second Thursday of each block in either the Fishbowl or Olin 185.
HIV Awareness Club   The HIV Awareness Club provides service and support to people dealing with HIV/AIDS related issues; both here at CC, in Colorado Springs, and the community at large.
International Service Trip   The International Service Program sends a group of students along with two faculty members to India to work on sustainable development every year.  This is the 4th annual International Service Trip.  Projects have included solar energy, water and sanitation, and will probably include agriculture and nutrition this year.
Kappa Sigma KE Kappa Sigma is a fraternity of men aiming for fun, community, service, scholarship, and brotherhood. We are not your average frat. 
La Junta   La Junta is a Latin America interest group. The meetings seek to create an informal environment in which students can discuss issues concerning the countries’ economic, political and social developments. The membership represents exchange students from the region, national students that have been to Latin America and all those who are interested in the area. Therefore, students with varying experiences and backgrounds come together as a result of their interest in Latin America.
Leviathan   The Leviathan is Colorado College’s magazine for the arts, published four times a year. The Leviathan features prose, poetry, artwork and photography, but is not limited to any medium of creative expression. Whatever your art, we’ll find a way to publish it. We publish one music issue per year featuring student musicians and are hoping to introduce a DVD issue featuring student films. Please send all submissions, questions, and comments to: or
Livesounds   LiveSounds is a student-run organization in charge of booking, organizing and putting on live music on campus.
Minority Association of Pre-Health Students MAPS MAPS is a support group mainly but not limited to minority students on campus considering any type of health professions. MAPS can act as a resource to its members by providing peer help for picking out classes, volunteering, pre-health requirements and such. We are involved in planning a campus-wide annual health week that educates all students on campus. We also have the opportunity to send students every year to the SNMA conference held annually throughout the country to learn more about the MCAT, graduate school applications, networking, and international opportunities.
Colorado College Rugby Football Club (Men's)   Colorado College Rugby Football Club is dedicated to enriching and enhancing the lives of CC students through the sport and culture of Rugby Union, among the world’s most popular sports. We practice three times per week, typically playing games on weekends. We are a competitive club in a competitive division and seek motivated and dedicated individuals to help build and better our program.
Mighty Math   Volunteer tutoring at a local middle school
Native American Student Union NASU NASU celebrates Native American Peoples and cultures. Everyone is welcome to join.
North Boys Enrichment Program   By serving as mentors to at-risk young men at North Middle School, this program aims to help have a more socially and academically productive future. In addition to one-on-one tutoring, there are a variety of group field trips and community service based activities.
Admissions Overnight Hosting Program   Sign up to give prospies a floor to sleep on as they visit campus!  Free Chipotle!
Pre-Law Society   The Pre-Law Society exists to provide information on law schools, the law school application process and the LSAT.  We meet several times a block with featured speakers from various law schools around the country and law professors at our own CC.  Come join us for a free lunch at any of our meetings and please, ask any question you may have about Law School!
Queer Straight Alliance QSA A student organization that seeks to foster solidarity and understanding between the queer and straight communities through education, social interaction, and community activities.
Refugee Assistance Program RAP The Refugee Assistance Program joins Colorado College students with refugee families who have recently immigrated to Colorado Springs from areas of conflict around the world. By working alongside Lutheran Family Services, RAP volunteers help ease this transition by helping out the families in anyway we can from helping the children in school, to finding employment, to navigating the city, and more.
Revolution Ministries   From its inception, Revolution Ministries has attempted to foster relationships with all students that are real, vulnerable, open, and honest. We have been intentional in developing a reputation on the campus for being loving, accepting, and unique. Revolution Ministries is all about serving the students. From helping students move into their dorms, to washing their feet, to making them pancakes at 1130 at night in the middle of winter, we intend to bless students in any way possible. 
Roots and Shoots   Roots & Shoots is a group that meets once a week with local elementary school children to teach them about human community, animals, and the environment.
Rotaract   The Rotaract Club at Colorado College dedicates itself to providing opportunities for community service and networking within the greater Colorado Springs community. Our group is open to all those interested in volunteering and philanthropy.
Student/Alumni Association  S/AA The Colorado College Student Alumni Association, sponsored by the Office of Alumni Relations, acts as a liaison between students and alumni. Its main purpose is to stimulate the interest and participation of all students in the life of Colorado College.  Further, the mission of the Student Alumni Association (S/AA) is to encourage current students to participate in the CC community, act as a liaison between students and alumni, and provide enriching opportunities for students to meet and cultivate relationships within the CC community.  
AppreCCiate   Founded and run by Colorado College students, the AppreCCiate Scholarship embodies our school’s spirit of social awareness, activism, and adventure. It helps make Colorado College more accessible by giving students with financial need a better opportunity to receive an outstanding liberal arts education. AppreCCiate raises awareness among current students about economic diversity at Colorado College and about the disparity between people of different economic backgrounds in attending institutions of higher education. AppreCCiate encourages Colorado College students to stop and consider the value of their education here and challenges them to show their appreciation by beginning the lifelong habit of giving back to Colorado College.
Salsa Club   Weekly open dance and lessons that are open to the public and any level of salsa experience. We occasionally host live music and have Cuban food to contribute to the lively atmosphere of salsa dancing.
Students for the Awareness of South Asia SASA SASA is a group for students of all backgrounds to explore the cultures of South Asian countries through food, activities, and events. SASA strives to promote education about South Asian countries and support South Asian students at CC. Some past events include hosting Diwali and Eid ul-Fitr celebrations, raising social issues in Myanmar for discussion, henna fundraisers, and hosting a Rain Dance festival. We also hold regular meetings throughout the year.
Saturday of Service   Saturday of Service is unique volunteer organization that holds a huge variety of one-time service trips and opportunities throughout the Colorado area. Past locations have been: Salvation Army, Serenity Springs Big Cats Sanctuary, wildlife reservations, and Habitat for Humanity
Seekers   Seekers is the college group at First Presbyterian Church downtown.  We sponsor periodic social events in addition to our regular meetings on Sunday mornings from 9:30 – 10:45.  
Colorado College Annual Fashion Show   A club that gets together to sew, mainly in preparation for the fashion show in February. The club also offers workshops and classes to increase sewing knowledge and technique both by hand and by machine.
Student Health Advisory Committee SHAC SHAC is a group of CC students interested in the health and health services of the Colorado College campus. We act as a liaison between the students and Boettcher health center. Through our many events held throughout the year we hope to encourage safe and responsible habits and behavior in the community. We also hold a relationship with the Boettcher center staff and coordinate with their efforts to promote a healthier and more comfortable campus atmosphere.
Shotokan Karate Association SKA CC-SKA is associated with the International Shotokan Karate Federation, and receives instruction from ISKF black belt instructors.  Students are trained in the traditional techniques of Shotokan Karate, as well as tournament sparring and practical self-defense.  
Shove Council   Shove Council is a multi-faith group that seeks to foster the life of the spirit at Colorado College. It aims to promote personal and campus participation in issues of religious and ethical importance. The Council is an inclusive, tolerant and multi-issue group.  This group meets at noon on Wednesdays in the Shove Chapel Office.  Buffet lunch is offered and discussion is held.
Sigma Chi   With over 100 years of history, the Beta Gamma chapter of Sigma Chi has long been an important part of the CC tradition.  The fundamental purpose of Sigma Chi is the cultivation, maintenance and accomplishment of the ideals of friendship, justice and learning within our membership.  
The Sound of Colorado College The SOCC The Sound of Colorado College (The SOCC) is a student-run digital radio station. We broadcast on the HD3 channel of KRCC, 91.5 FM, as well as over the internet at We play music, talk, and some syndicated shows. We will also be broadcasting in Worner, the dorms, and other places around campus.
Sophomore Council   A new sophomore council for students to plan programming and provide feedback to residence hall administration. Creating educational and co-curricular activities for sophomores.
Student Organization for Sexual Safety SOSS SOSS is a confidential, student-led organization that provides education, referral and support for issues of sexual assault, harassment and partner violence.
Students Taking Action Now: Darfur STAND STAND is a national anti-genocide coalition that works to prevent, stop, and spread awareness about genocides that occur in our world today.
Student Ambassadors   CC Student Ambassadors volunteer their time to talk to underprivileged middle and high school students, in both Colorado Springs and Denver, about post secondary options. The focus is to let them know how they can start planning now for a college career after high school, both academically and financially. 
Student Anthropological Society SAS The Student Anthropological Society is a student group dedicated to exploring anthropology related issues, promoting the field and it's subfields to the wider campus, and to providing an opportunity for students and the greater community to participate in anthropology related events, service trips and academic ventures. SAS also has a commitment to embracing diverse cultures and ideologies on campus. SAS is all about people; past, present and future.
Student Musical Theatre Group SMTG Student Musical Theater Group provides students the opportunity to participate in musical theater. Participation in this group can include directing, choreography, tech crew, or performance. All students are welcome to audition and/or participate. You can gain useful experience and will definitely have fun doing so.
Student Venture Partnership STVP The Student Venture Partnership is an organization that works with local non-profit agencies.  We partner with one non-profit in the Colorado Springs area every year to volunteer our time and resources, learn about the organization, write grants, and assist them in any way possible to help them succeed in their missions.   We also sponsor speakers and events on campus about issues surrounding the non-profit world.  This organization is a great way to learn more about the non-profit sector and become involved in informed and effective philanthropy.
Sustained Dialogue   A student driven initiative that utilizes relationship building and dialogue as a vehicle for social change, particularly relating to race, class and privilege.  
Synergy House   “Synergy” is a living, learning community striving to be a center for applied environmental education, awareness, and action at Colorado College . The six students inhabiting “Synergy” apply sustainable living techniques and concepts to their lives while outwardly teaching these practices to the larger Colorado College community and beyond. From operating a permaculture garden in the backyard and working with local organic farms, to renovating the house for energy/water efficiency and purchasing wind energy, “Synergy” offers the amazing opportunity for students and community members to visualize and practice the ideal of living as sustainably as possible. This little house stands to nourish the fertile seeds of the dawning sustainable living revolution.
The Chaplain's Office   The chaplains’ office fosters the life of the spirit by inviting authentic spiritual exploration and meaningful religious commitment. Supporting the human quest for identity and belonging, we cultivate an education of the heart to enrich the unique intellectual adventure at CC.
The Philosophy Circle   We are a student-run philosophy discussion group that meets twice a block to philosophize upon interesting and thought provoking topics.
Wasabi Ultimate   Colorado College’s men’s ultimate Frisbee team
Volunteer Action   Like kids? Miss your younger siblings? Want to give back to your community? Volunteer Action is a mentoring program that has been a part of CC for over 20 years. Twice a block, CC students meet with 4th and 5th graders from Edison and Bristol elementary schools. Gatherings vary from bowling to making gingerbread houses. These events allow us college kids to be role models, while giving at-risk elementary students new experiences and a fun time.
Weight-Lifting Club   Weight Lifting club is more than a group that gets together and lifts together. We meet once a week to learn the latest trends in fitness. We will try out a variety of new lifts, and get advice on how to do the basics correctly. Also, we as members learn how to maximize our workout time to meet our fitness goals.
Women's Club Hockey   The Colorado College Women’s Club Hockey team is CC’s only girl’s hockey team. We play in Colorado’s Women’s league, the Women’s Association of Colorado Hockey ( against teams from all over the state. We practice 2-3 times per week, with games on most weekends. The team provides a fun opportunity for girls of all levels to come and experience the game.
Women's Rugby   A club sport competing at the Division II level, the Colorado College Rugby Football Club brings the tradition of elegant violence to the CC campus. We practice 3 times a week and play matches against local club teams as well as other college and university rugby teams.  Rugby is a fun and competitive team sport that anyone is welcome to join. No experience necessary!