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Community Standards Response Report

Student Violations for Fall 2016

The following information is a snap shot, based on the past academic semester of data, that illustrates the type and range of violations and responses/sanctions at CC. This report is intended to inform the college community of the ongoing responses to violations of the Honor and Community Standards. The data is not individually identifiable as the college adheres to the confidentiality of student(s) involved. The number of violations represents only those found to be responsible.

Colorado College does not operate on a codified sanctioning system. The sanction(s) that may be imposed when a student is found to have violated the Standards will vary. Multiple sanctions may be assigned for one violation. Sanctions of a housing restriction, disciplinary probation, or suspension may limit a student's opportunities and activities on and off campus, including but not limited to hosting, room selection, and study abroad/courses taught off campus. Sanctions may not always be incremental; a student or group may receive the most severe response for a first offense. The College may consider various factors when determining appropriate sanctions, including but not limited to the following:

  1. The nature and severity of the conduct, including whether the conduct involved a single incident or repeated acts;
  2. The impact of the conduct on the student, other individuals and/or the community;
  3. The student’s conduct history;
  4. How the College has sanctioned similar incidents in the past;
  5. Whether the student has accepted responsibility;
  6. Whether the student is reasonably likely to engage in the conduct in the future; and
  7. Any mitigating or aggravating circumstances with respect to any parties involved in the case.


Type of Violation# of Violations
Abuse of Any College Policy or Procedure 1
Alcohol 95
Animals 1
Community Health Concerns 3
Deception 1
Drugs / Marijuana / Paraphernalia 58
Fire Safety / Hazardous Materials 19
Misuse of Services* 5
Neighbor and Community Relations 59
Noise / Quiet Hours 18
Non-Compliance with College Officials 10
On-Campus Hosting and Noise 7
Residential Life Policy / Procedures 4
Sexual Harassment, Misconduct, and Violence 1
Smoking 6
Theft 1
Vandalism / Damage 6
Weapons and Explosives 1
Total 296


*miuse of service (i.e., misuse of long-distance codes; unapproved use of CC Cabin or Baca; phone/computer fraud, misuse of personnel, etc.)

This report does not include information on alleged violations for which no responsible party was found.