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Parent Role in Honor and Community Standards

Colorado College is committed to educating its students and facilitating their transition into adulthood.   This includes treating students as young adults who are responsible and accountable for their experiences and actions.  Parents or legal guardians, however, can be critical partners in this educational process; particularly in emergency situations where the health and safety of their student is a concern and situations where their student is at risk for separation from the college.  

Federal laws such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPPA”) restrict what information the college can release to parent(s)/guardian(s) from a student’s education or health records.  Accordingly, if the college believes a student’s parents should be notified of a situation, the college will generally request the student to contact their parent(s)/guardian(s).  The student will also be encouraged to provide his or her parent(s)/guardian(s) with contact information for at least one college administrator who can answer questions and provide follow-up communications. 

However, under certain circumstances, for example during a health or safety emergency, the college is permitted by law to release otherwise confidential information.  Under these circumstances, the Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students, or his or her designee, will use their discretion to determine if the college should make contact directly with parent(s)/guardian(s).  The timing of the contact will vary depending on the circumstances and based on the discretion of the Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students, or his or her designee.

Should you have any questions about our student conduct process, please contact our Senior Assistant Dean of Students, Cesar Cervantes, at (719)389-6689 or at