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Leave of Absence or Withdrawal

Students interested in either taking a leave of absence or withdrawing from Colorado College should contact the student life office. Leave of absence and withdrawal policies help us with the difficult task of projecting enrollment for each semester. Accurate projections are important for determining budgets and accommodating as many qualified applicants as possible. Leaves of Absence and Withdrawals may not be approved while allegations of misconduct remain unresolved.

Leave of Absence

We hope you will understand the importance of giving advance notice if you do not plan to enroll for an upcoming semester. We reserve the right to restrict the number of students taking leaves in any given semester. If you want to take a leave of absence after the deadlines stated below, you must visit with the associate dean of students. We generally do not grant leaves for first-year students, although students may petition the dean for an exception to this policy.

Students who do not meet the notification deadlines will forfeit their general obligation deposit and their housing deposit.

On formal application, a leave of absence will be considered for a Financial, Medical, or Personal Emergency. If you must interrupt your education for financial, medical, or personal emergency reasons, you must contact the student life office and present information about or evidence to support your request for a leave of absence. If you do go on leave, you are expected to reconfirm your return date by writing to the student life office no later than November 1 for a spring semester return and March 1 for a fall semester return. If you fail to reconfirm your return, your preregistration will be cancelled and you may be formally withdrawn from the college.

You may extend a current leave of absence by contacting the student life office. In general, personal leaves of absence will not be extended past two years of absence from the college. Students unable to return to the college within two years will be advised to withdraw, and given the option of petitioning for reinstatement or reapplying as a transfer student at a later date.


Please contact the Assistant Dean of Students if you wish to withdraw from Colorado College. If you wish to transfer to another institution or decide to interrupt your education at CC, but do not qualify for a leave of absence, you must formally withdraw from the college. Withdrawal forms are available in the student life office. Until you have withdrawn formally, no refund of the general obligation deposit will be considered. To receive a refund, you must give notice of your withdrawal by November 1 for spring semester. For fall semester, you must give preliminary notice by March 1, final notice must be received by June 15. All withdrawals require the signature of the dean of students or the dean’s designee.

If you withdraw to transfer to another institution, you may reapply through the admission office as a transfer candidate. If you withdraw for other reasons, such as travel or a break from studying, you may request reinstatement by writing directly to the dean of students. This option remains open for two semesters (one academic year) from the time you withdraw. Deadlines to request reinstatement are November 1 for spring semester, March 1 for fall semester. After more than two semesters have lapsed, you must reapply through the admission office. Students who withdraw cannot preregister in spring.

Whenever possible the office of student life conducts exit interviews with students deciding to withdraw from Colorado College.