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Student Conduct Response Report

Conduct Report

We hold all students accountable for their behavior. Conduct that may jeopardize the welfare of the college community and/or violates college policy may result in a response through our conduct process.

Student Violations and Sanctions for 2013-14 and 2014-15

The range of sanctions in a given category may be explained by two possible factors: First, the conduct process at CC may reflect escalating repercussions for repeat violations. Second, there may be a range of severity in violations represented in each violation type.

The following information is a snap shot, based on the past 2 academic years of data, that illustrates type and range of certain violations and conduct responses at CC (this is not an exhaustive list). This report is intended to inform the college community that student life administrators respond to violations of the student code of conduct, although the hearings and sanctions may not be known to the student body at large. The data is not individually identifiable because the student conduct system respects the confidentiality of the student(s) involved. 

Type of Violation# of violationsRange of Sanctions
(Warning to Dismissal) 
Alcohol Policy 247
Violence 14
Drug Policy 141
Theft/Misuse of Service* 21
Sexual Misconduct 7
Vandalism 25
Total 466  


*miuse of service (i.e., misuse of long-distance codes; unapproved use of CC Cabin or Baca; phone/computer fraud, misuse of personnel, etc.)

This report does not include information on alleged violations for which no responsible party was found.