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Timeline for Reporting

Those who are aware of misconduct are encouraged to report it as quickly as possible to any staff member of the Division of Student Life, the Student Life Office, and/or campus safety.  Students concerned about possible conduct ramifications that might arise from providing the college with notice of potential acts of misconduct should understand that the College may, within its discretion, grant to a student a reprieve from sanctions.  Please see the discussion in the Philosophy section of the Student Honor and Community Standards for more information about reprieves from sanctions.

Colorado College may also extend its jurisdiction to alleged misconduct that occurs prior to, but is not reported until after the graduation of the accused student, as long as the alleged misconduct is reported within six months of its occurrence. Otherwise, there is no time limit on reporting of violations of the Student Honor and Community Standards, as long as the offending student is still enrolled at Colorado College. However, the longer someone waits to report an incident, the harder it becomes for Colorado College to obtain evidence and witness statements, and to make a determination regarding alleged violations. Visitors to and guests of Colorado College are also protected by the Student Honor and Community Standards. Visitors and guests may report violations of the Student Honor and Community Standards committed by members of the Colorado College community against them to the Student Life Office or campus safety.