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Preparing for a Conduct Hearing

Your role as a student is to be an active participant in your own learning process. There are several ways to do this with regard to student conduct:

  1. Read your summary of charges carefully and take note of the charges.
  2. Read through the Student Honor and Community Standards and ask questions if you are unclear about a policy or procedure.
  3. Write down any questions you may have regarding information you have read.
  4. As the incident will be discussed at this hearing, you may want to think back over the details of the event and make note of information you feel is important.
  5. Decide if you want to have a CC community person present as a support person. If you do, notify the Senior Assistant Dean of Students 24 hours prior to your hearing.
  6. Be open and honest in all proceedings
  7. Remember that being a part of our college community carries certain responsibilities with it. It is important for each of us to think about our actions and how they impact not only ourselves, but others as well.