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By accepting admission to and enrolling at Colorado College, students are obligated to align their behaviors with the values of Colorado College, the Student Code of Conduct, and any other college policies and procedures. Students may be summarily dismissed from Colorado College by the president of the college, the vice president for student life/dean of students, or the dean’s designee if their conduct is not in the best interest of the college or their behavior is deemed in violation of these standards.

The Student Code of Conduct and the student conduct process apply to the conduct of individual students, informal groups of students, and college-recognized groups of students. Because the Student Code of Conduct is based on shared values, it sets a range of expectations for the Colorado College student no matter where or when the conduct may take place. Therefore, the Student Code of Conduct applies to behaviors that take place on the campus, at college-sponsored events or programs, and also applies off-campus, when the administration determines that the off-campus conduct has a direct impact on the educational mission and interests of the college. Colorado College students studying in off-campus contexts or participating in college sponsored programs remain responsible to uphold the Colorado College Student Code of Conduct and the laws relevant to their location. The Student Code of Conduct also applies to conduct that takes place at any time from the date that a student is offered admission to the college until the student has completed graduation and includes summers and between semesters. Further, the Student Code of Conduct applies to students when they host guests from the community who violate college policies. In these cases, students may be held accountable for the misconduct of their guests. In general, any behavior that discredits the student or the college, as determined by the Student Code of Conduct, may result in disciplinary action.