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Sanctions for Academic Concern

While the Honor Council hears cases of alleged violations of the Honor Code, the college reserves the right to issue sanctions for other academic concerns.

During Blocks 4 and 8 each year, the Dean’s Advisory Committee meets to review students’ academic records. In determining academic warnings and suspensions, the committee uses these guidelines: First- and second-year students are expected to earn at least six units of credit during each of their first two years. Third- and fourth-year students are expected to earn at least seven of the last eight units taken in any two consecutive semesters (spring and fall, fall and spring).

Normally, students complete a degree program within four years. However, we recognize that individual circumstance may warrant exceptions. These guidelines will not apply to students who take less than normal academic loads for reasons such as illness or personal problems. In such cases, students should obtain a written waiver from a dean. Students failing to meet the requirements of satisfactory progress toward a degree will be liable for the following:

Academic Warning

Students who fail to meet the minimum GPA for the semester or fail to pass the minimum number of courses in a semester will be placed on academic warning because the Dean’s Advisory Committee believes there is reason to be concerned about their level of achievement.

Academic Probation

Students on academic warning who fail to meet the minimum GPA or minimum number of units earned the next semester, or who receive a “No Credit” in one or more courses, will be placed on academic probation for the following semester. While on academic probation, students must achieve a 2.0 GPA for the semester and pass four classes with a C– or better, with no grade of Incomplete (I) in any of the four classes. If a student meets these requirements, he or she will be removed from academic probation. After being on academic probation for two consecutive semesters, the student will be placed on academic suspension for one year.

Academic Suspension

Suspensions are entered on a student’s transcript as part of their academic record. They will meet with the associate dean of the college to define the conditions for determining whether they’re ready to return to the college.

Academic Dismissal

A student is subject to dismissal from the college whenever, in the view of the Dean’s Advisory Committee, academic performance is so low as to make the completion of a CC degree unlikely.