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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students must complete 32 units to graduate. Keep in mind that illnesses or grades of “No Credit” may prevent students from completing one or two units during their four-year academic career. If necessary, students can make up these losses by taking courses during Summer Session or by taking adjunct courses (.25 unit each), extended­format courses (.5 unit per semester), or January half block (.5 unit) to reach the minimum 32-unit requirement.

Students receiving financial aid must make satisfactory academic progress according to the table that follows. Eligibility for CC financial aid extends for eight semesters or through a semester in which 32 units are completed, whichever comes first. All credits earned and accepted by the registrar are used to determine financial aid eligibility. Advanced Placement (AP) credits, International Baccalaureate (IB) credits, and adjunct credits are not used in the determination of the 32-unit requirement.

All full-time students are allowed five years (10 semesters) to complete their bachelor of arts degree and receive federal financial aid. While you have 10 semesters of eligibility for federal funds, note that you have only eight semesters of eligibility for Colorado College funds.

Full-Time SemesterMinimum UnitsMinimum GPA
Semester 1 2 units 1.5
Semester 2 6 units 1.7
Semester 3 9 units 1.8
Semester 4 12 units 2.0
Semester 5 15 units 2.0
Semester 6 19 units 2.0
Semester 7 23 units 2.0
Semester 8 27 units 2.0
Semester 9 31 units 2.0
Semester 10 35 units 2.0