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Frequently Asked Questions

Amendment 64

If a majority of Colorado voters, including a majority of Colorado Springs voters, believe it is OK to smoke and grow marijuana, why won't Colorado College relax its policy against marijuana use and possession?

Colorado College is dedicated to providing the finest liberal arts education in the country and we believe that marijuana use conflicts with this mission.  Additionally, marijuana use is illegal under federal law and permitting its use at Colorado College would violate the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.   If Colorado College fails to comply with that act, it could become ineligible for federal funding and financial aid programs for its students.

Now that Colorado voters approved an amendment to the state constitution permitting use and possession of marijuana, don’t I have a legal right to use and possess marijuana anywhere I want, including on campus?  

No.  Although the new law permits the use and possession of marijuana under Colorado law, it does not affect Colorado College’s ability to set the standards for student conduct.  Students who want to graduate from Colorado College must, in addition to fulfilling their academic requirements, comply with the Student Honor and Community Standards.  As a higher-education institution, private-property owner, and employer, Colorado College has the right to define what conduct is permissible and expected within its community and on its campus.  Amendment 64 makes this point clear:

Nothing in this Section shall prohibit a person, employer, school … or any other entity who occupies, owns or controls a property from prohibiting or otherwise regulating the possession, consumption, use, display, transfer, distribution, sale, transportation, or growing of marijuana on or in that property. 

Can Colorado College prohibit me from engaging in conduct that is permissible under state law?

Yes.  Just because something is legal under Colorado law, that does not mean Colorado College must permit the conduct within its community or on its campus.  For example, under certain circumstances, a student may lawfully possess a firearm under state law, but Colorado College may, and does, prohibit the possession and use of firearms on campus.  

What is the relationship between federal laws that prohibit marijuana use and Amendment 64? 

Federal laws prohibiting marijuana use trump state laws, including Amendment 64, that attempt to permit its use.  Accordingly, if you use or possess marijuana, you are subject to prosecution under federal law, regardless of what Amendment 64 permits.  Importantly, a conviction for drug-use under federal law may cause you to become ineligible for federal financial aid.    

Can I use or grow marijuana off-campus?

No.  As a student of Colorado College, your conduct, whether it takes place on-campus or off-campus, is subject to the Student Code of Conduct, including the prohibition on marijuana use.  So if you use or possess marijuana off campus, you are subject to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct just the same as if your violation took place on campus. 

As stated, "the Student Code of Conduct applies to behaviors that take place on the campus, at college-sponsored events or programs, and also applies off-campus, when the administration determines that the off-campus conduct has a direct impact on the educational mission and interests of the college. Colorado College students studying in off-campus contexts or participating in college-sponsored programs remain responsible to uphold the Colorado College Student Code of Conduct and the laws relevant to their location. The Student Code of Conduct also applies to conduct that takes place at any time from the date that a student is offered admission to the college until the student has completed graduation and includes summers and between semesters."

What if my off-campus landlord says it is OK for me to grow and use marijuana on his or her property?

Regardless of what your off-campus landlord permits on his or her property, as a student of Colorado College, you are responsible for complying with the Student Code of Conduct and refraining from using and possessing marijuana.

Can I use medical marijuana?

No.  All marijuana use is prohibited, even if the intended purpose is for medicinal reasons.  If you are sick or suffering from an illness, you should visit the Boettcher Health Center or a doctor to discuss appropriate medical treatments.

Does Colorado College’s policy prohibiting marijuana use apply to faculty, staff, guests, and visitors to campus for special events?

Yes.  The college’s policy prohibits faculty, staff, guests, and visitors from using, possessing, or being under the influence of marijuana while on campus or during college activities.