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    Planning & Updates

    Recent Announcements

    October 1, 2019 - Colorado College announces the launch of the 2020 pilot Stroud Scholars College Preparatory Program. View the complete announcement.

    Get Involved

    We recognize that increasing college access is important to many people in Colorado Springs and at Colorado College. If you want to get more involved or just want to learn more about announcements and what’s happening with the 2020 pilot program, please register below. Identified needs for volunteer work include mentoring, summer curriculum development, summer teaching, summer enrichment activities, academic year workshop facilitation and/or design, academic year enrichment offerings, college and financial aid advising. Questions? Email us at

    Planning Process

    Colorado College is creating a new and innovative approach to college access and opportunity. For over two years, we have been engaged in an intentional planning process in order to create a program that will empower students to be prepared for college, forge new pathways to Colorado College, and increase educational opportunities for youth from the Pikes Peak Region.

    Departmental Involvement and Planning Committees

    Currently, the Collaborative for Community Engagement (CCE) is co-leading the design of the program and the launch of a 2020 pilot, along with a large group of campus collaborators. In the pilot cycle, the program is being developed and implemented by a shared leadership structure with representation from CCE, the Office of Admission, Education Department, Sociology Department, and Summer Session. In our cross-campus committee structure we have representation from K12 educators, faculty from diverse academic departments (German, Math and Computer Science, Physics, Sociology, Education, Religion, and Psychology), the Writing Center, Quantitative Reasoning Center, Colket Center, First-Year Experience, Student Life, the Butler Center, Financial Aid, Housing, and Events.

    Leadership team

    Dr. Jordan Travis Radke


    Director - Collaborative for Community Engagement

    Carlos Jiménez


    Collaborative for Community Engagement

    Director of College Access Pilot Program

    Jim Burke

    Office of Summer Session

    Director of Summer Session

    Pedro Ramírez

    Office of Admission

    Associate Director of Outreach and Access

    Dr. Eric Popkin

    Associate Professor of Sociology

    Deb Yazulla Mortenson

    Department of Education

    Director of Teacher Education Programs

    Committee Structure


    Timelines and Next Steps

    Plan for Academic Year – An Overview

    Early Fall 2019

    • Publicly announce the Stroud Scholars college preparatory program
    • Launch website
    • With campus leadership, develop admissions criteria into program and into Colorado College upon completion
    • Begin foundation for recruitment of youth for initial cohort through stakeholder meetings
    • Faculty committees begin to design learning goals and descriptions for course curriculum   
    • Mid-fall: begin to recruit faculty to teach summer courses

    Late Fall 2019

    • Partner with local educational stakeholders to recruit potential students
    • Host information sessions for students, guardians, counselors, and other interested parties
    • Refine and finalize course description and learning goals for pilot summer
    • Application to be opened November 15
    • Secure commitments from faculty to teach summer courses
    • Secure facilities for the summer (residence hall and classroom space)

    Spring 2020

    • Application cycle for youth – finalize first cohort. Applications due February 17, to be followed by interviews.
    • Faculty committees recommend pedagogical approaches and gather resources to share with instructing faculty
    • Recruit CC student mentors to launch mentoring program
    • Finalize curriculum and facilitators for ‘20-‘21 academic year workshops
    • Finalize housing, meal plans, and other logistics for summer program
    • Hire and train summer staff, including student program assistants