Year of Planning

After the Year of Listening, in 2012-13 the Colorado College community came together to deeply and thoroughly contemplate its values, ambitions, and future as an institution during the Year of Planning. Five committees - Engaged Teaching and Learning; A Distinctive Place of Learning; Extending Our Reach; Institutional Effectiveness; and the Steering Committee - held outreach meetings, collected input and information, and then used that to identify goals and strategies.

In January 2013 at the Year of Planning Winter Conference, 400 participants drilled down deeper into CC's strengths and ambitions. Students participated in a Town Hall with President Tiefenthaler and shared their ideas for Colorado College's future. Then we were on to the initiatives phase, and the "Initiate Something" campaign began, collecting from students, alumni, trustees, faculty, staff, parents and community members their ideas for initiatives that would advance our key strategies. Through website feedback forms, email, chalkboards, bulletin boards, phone booths, and even a photo booth, the CC community contributed nearly 1,500 initiatives for consideration.

The participation from students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, and community members throughout this process was impressive:

  • 1,831 people participated in the 133 meetings
  • 37 committee meetings were held
  • 133 outreach meetings occurred, including some one-on-one meetings
  • 1,493 initiatives were submitted
  • 892 web responses were received, catalogued, and considered
  • 42 initiatives were forwarded by committees
  • Total Year of Planning email submissions: 1,108
  • Total Year of Planning meeting attendance (Winter Conference, Student Town Hall, and Outreach meetings): 2,291

The collaborative process of the Year of Planning showed CC at its best: innovative, thoughtful, exuberant, and visionary. Because there were so many voices heard, multitudes of ideas written, and countless conversations shared, the result is authentic. Our plan for Colorado College's future is true to who we are, how we teach and learn, and what we aspire to be: one of the world's finest liberal arts institutions.

Learn more about the Year of Planning here.

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