Recommendation #5: Workplace Excellence


Workplace Excellence Initiatives:


Recommendation 5: Focus on workplace excellence to foster an organization that is as innovative and dynamic as the CC academic experience

Implementing our strategic plan and fulfilling our mission to provide the finest liberal arts education in the country requires a campus culture that supports a first-rate staff in connecting to that mission and developing enthusiasm for life-long learning, flexibility, open-mindedness, and other 21st century skills our students are acquiring. A culture that emphasizes building an inclusive community, helping each person develop as a professional, and sustaining workplace excellence will advance our goals while also making CC one of the best places in the nation to work.

Progress Stories

All our work indicates that staff members are full stakeholders in CC's distinctive undergraduate teaching mission and share in the college's allegiance to its students. At no point did we detect any confusion about this central mission. -Scrum Team Report, 2013

To create a campus culture that is truly creative and innovative, we must attract and retain a diverse faculty, staff, and administration and foster an inclusive campus culture that truly values different backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and opinions. An inclusive community provides the foundation for an excellent liberal education - a diverse faculty and staff is a critical component in generating creative ideas and providing the most effective mentoring. In fact, one main benefit of a residential liberal arts education is our capacity to model democratic community, helping students acquire the habits that will shape them long after they leave CC. At the same time, to attract top professional talent in today's competitive global economy, the college must be a welcoming place for people from all backgrounds.

Through our strategic planning process, campus climate survey, and the work of a special faculty and staff team (known as the Scrum Team) we have identified strategies for continuing to build diversity and inclusiveness on campus. Adopting innovative strategies for hiring and retention is one way to achieve our goals. For example, adding a talent acquisition manager to the community, along with a new formal program for onboarding, will ensure that we do all we can to hire and retain a highly talented, diverse staff and faculty.

Because lifelong learning is critical for individuals to reach their potential in today's dynamic and rapidly changing world, we will create a top-notch professional development program that supports our staff and faculty in adapting to the changing environment. As part of this program, we will develop a shared leadership philosophy and set of competencies, and create programs for staff and faculty to build those identified skills. Our growing supervisor training and wellness programs are a base for this program, as will be new efforts to train staff members in specific skills designed to promote and enrich collaborative and cross-functional work, and to increase informal interaction across departments all over the campus.

Great places to work and effective organizations share cultures of helpful internal communication and transparency, active collaboration and cross-functional work, and an infrastructure supported by clear policies and practices. The campus climate survey and the Scrum Team identified these characteristics as traits CC should do more to achieve. To strengthen our culture and improve workplace excellence, the college will build strong internal communication, vibrant collaboration, and organizational transparency as strategic assets. Specifically we look forward to establishing a formal internal communication function, encouraging departments to use an internal communication plan, and promoting face-to-face interaction among the staff. To boost collaboration, we will establish cross-functional projects and block projects, two new categories of collaborative work designed to bring new levels of coherence and support to work across administrative divisions. We will also seek an innovative physical space to encourage shared work. To ensure that our infrastructure is ready to support these new approaches - as well as implement this plan - our leaders are working together to establish clear policies and increase alignment and strengthen business practices in a number of critical areas.


  • Wellness Initiatives
  • Excel@CC Professional Development Program
  • New - Director of Internal Communications
  • Leadership Philosophy
  • President's Leadership Awards
  • Campus Climate Surveys
  • Diverse and Inclusive Community
    • Increased Diversity of Faculty and Staff
    • Diversity and Equity Advisory Board
    • New Faculty and Staff Onboarding Program - CC New / CC Connect
    • Diversity Commitment
  • Organizational Transparency
    • Shared Governance at CC website
    • In The Loop: All Staff meetings
    • Policies and Compliance website
    • CC Facts website
  • Vibrant Collaboration
    • New Block Projects Program

In Progress

  • Enhance Internal Communications
  • Great Places to Work designation
  • Diverse and Inclusive Community - retention and thriving
  • Wellness initiatives
  • Antiracism Commitment
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