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Library Renovation and Programming


Find what you need while construction is underway on CC’s new library.

All academic support services provided by the library, Colket Center, and ITS: will be available during the transition. Opening of the new library is planned for August 2017.

Your Campus Team: Team Tutt more info » Mod Pod

Mod Pod
A temporary modular building, located west of the Tutt Science Center.
View the floorplan »

Creekside Facility
Books, journals, and other materials will be moved to the Creekside facility, a newly constructed building at 234 W. San Miguel.


May 17
  • Construction fencing will go up around Tutt and heavy machinery will appear on the Armstrong Quad
  • The library will still be open, but all library materials will need to be checked out through the online request system
  • There will be no pedestrian through traffic between Tutt and Palmer. The western entrance to the building will be closed.
  • The tunnel underneath Tutt will be closed for pedestrian traffic
June 1
  • Tutt South will be fully operational
  • Mod Pod will be delivered (scheduled opening July 1)


  • Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, Instruction, and Research Support – Tutt South
  • ITS: Help Desk and CAT Lab – Tutt South

Beginning Friday, May 13-July 1 (the scheduled opening of the Mod Pod), the following staff members and programs will be temporarily located in the spaces listed below:

  • Roy Jo Sartin, scholarship and fellowship coordinator and Writing Center specialist, Barnes 212
  • Katrina Bell, Writing Center associate director, accessible via email
  • Felicia Chavez, thesis writing specialist, Barnes 212
  • Tracy Santa, director of the Writing Center and writing program, Tutt South
  • Traci Freeman, director of Colket Student Learning Center, Barnes 206
  • Rebecca Tucker, director of Crown Faculty Center, Barnes 204
  • Gwen Nuss, mentor program coordinator for First Year Experience Program, Barnes 201
  • Jenn Sides, administrative assistant, Barnes 210
  • Chelsea Walter, ESL specialist, Barnes 208
  • Aaron Stoller, director of the First Year Experience program, Barnes 202 (beginning May 18)

Additionally, the Writing Center has moved to Gill House along with:

  • Anna Webb, Colket Center staff assistant, will be located in Gill House
  • Jackson Buckley, Writing Center Professional Tutor, will be located in Gill House


We have identified a number of transitional study spaces that students can use throughout the renovation. These spaces do not include all of the possible places that students can study, but they are spaces that will have food or beverage service and will be staffed, patrolled, and on a shuttle loop. Most will also have extended hours.

Summer Session 2016
  • Tutt South and Worner Campus Center: normal hours of operation
2016-17 Academic Year
  • Tutt South: normal library hours (the last two days of the block, Tutt South will be open until 4 a.m.)
  • Gates Common Room: reserved for thesis writers with assigned carrels 8 a.m.-2 a.m. Monday-Sunday
  • Worner Campus Center, including East Rastall outside of meal times: 7-2 a.m. Sunday-Thursday; 7 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday-Saturday
  • Mod Pod: 8 a.m.-2 a.m. Sunday-Thursday; 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday-Saturday
  • Seay Music Library: 1 p.m.-12 a.m. Sunday; 8 a.m.-12 a.m. Monday-Thursday; 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday; 1 p.m.-4 p.m. Saturday; closed during Block Breaks


  • Most books, journals, and other materials will be moved temporarily to the new Creekside facility near campus, and may be requested for pick up at the Circulation Desk. All library materials will need to be checked out through the online request system.


  • We have submitted a plan for parking to the city.
  • Faculty and staff will be applying for parking this year starting August 1. (If you will not be responding to email in August, you can designate a proxy who can sign you up for parking.)
  • During the summer, parking in any college lot is free and available without a permit. Parking will be limited the Tutt Library C-1 lot, Nevada E-1 lot, and Armstrong C-2 lots.

Did you know?

  • The new library is being designed and modeled as a Zero-Carbon Building (ZCB). That means it will produce zero annual net carbon emissions with zero net energy (natural gas and electricity) consumption. The total energy consumed by the building on an annual basis is roughly equal to the amount of projected renewable energy provided to the local grid.
  • The new building will house more than 1,100 seats. That’s more than double the 495 seats currently available.

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Questions and Comments

Please complete the form below to send us your questions and/or comments.


Design Development

September 3-4 presentation #1 of Design Development (floor plans as of 9/3)

September 24-25 presentation #2

October 29-30 presentation #3

November 6-7 final presentation to Board of Trustees

Planning Phases

Phase Four

Construction Documents

Construction documentation is the bridge between building design and physical building form. A key element of documentation services, construction drawings provide the instructions for transforming design solutions into bricks and mortar. These documents are also used for bidding with contractors.


  1. College Leadership and Campus presentation of current interiors schemes and other updates
    • 1/27/16 thru 1/29/16
  2. Presentation of furniture, fixtures and equipment
    • Spring 2016

Phase Three

Phase three of this project involves design development. Design development services use the initial design documents from the schematic phase and take them one step further. This phase lays out mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and architectural details. Typically referred to as DD, this phase results in drawings that specify design elements such as material types and location of windows and doors; at the conclusion of this process the college will have floor plans, sections, and elevations. In addition, the landscaping and hardscape site plan will also be detailed at the conclusion of DD to allow for detailed cost estimating.

Design Development Timeline

  1. Specialized meetings on shelving for the Collections, Audio-Visual, and Technology; planning discussion for Campus Sustainability presentation and MEP (mechanicals, electrical, and plumbing) check in.
    • 8/19/15 thru 8/20/15
  2. Campus presentations of the Sustainability Plan for Tutt Library and the Center for Immersive Learning and Engaged Teaching
    • 9/1/15; 1 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.; three presentations in McHugh Commons
  3. Presentation of the first design development scheme
    • Library Action Team, campus leadership, library and center staff – 9/3/15 thru 9/4/15
  4. Presentation of the second design development scheme
    • Library Action Team, campus leadership, library and center staff – 9/24/15 thru 9/25/15
  5. Presentation of the third design development scheme
    • Library Action Team, campus leadership, library and center staff – 10/29/15 thru 10/30/15

Phase Two

Phase two of this project involves schematic design. Building on the work done in phase one, Pfeiffer Partners will spend roughly five months developing the schematic design for the renovation and expansion of Tutt Library. Schematic design encompasses design of the interior space, by floor, along with program placement and proposed usage of materials. It also includes evaluating the cost of design along with the project budget, sustainability options, and exterior elevations. Pfeiffer Partners will meet monthly with the Library Action Team and campus leadership. In addition to the monthly meetings, the architects will hold open sessions for faculty, staff, and students in March and April, allowing the campus community to comment and provide input.

Schematic Timeline

  1. Fact finding and programming and concept design verification
    • 1/5/15 thru 2/13/15
  2. Presentations of first design schemes (3) and programming adjacencies
    • Library Action Team, campus leadership, and Board of Trustees Library Special Project Team – 2/25/15 thru 2/27/15
  3. Presentation of fourth design scheme with 3D model and floorplans
    • Library Action Team and campus leadership – 3/26/15
    • Campus open session (Bemis Great Hall) – 3/25/15
    • Student table sessions (Worner Center-Perkins Lounge) – 3/27/15
  4. Presentation of fifth design scheme with exterior elevations, sustainability, and front entrance experience
    • Campus Library Action Team and campus leadership – 4/23/15
    • Campus open session (Gaylord Hall) – 4/22/15
    • Student table sessions (Worner Center-Perkins Lounge) – 4/24/15
    • Campus open session (Bemis Great Hall) – 4/24/15
  5. Final schematic design presentation
    • Campus leadership – 6/2/15
    • Board of Trustees – 6/26/15

Phase One

Phase one of this project involves programming and concept design. The Library Action Team has invited consultants from MASS Design Group and brightspot to campus for an intensive eight-week visit. The group will meet with CC leadership, tour campus with students, and conduct visioning workshops with faculty as part of this initial planning stage. The building’s physical design will be developed to meet these conceptual and programming needs. You are invited to join in the dialogue by providing input to the consultant team in this initial planning stage.

Project Timeline

  1. Pre-work
    1. Week of 3/19
  2. Immersion
    1. Week of 3/24
  3. Visioning
    1. Week of 3/31
  4. Programming
    1. Begins week of 4/7; four weeks
  5. Technical Assessment
    1. Week of 3/31; two weeks
  6. Concept Design
    1. Begins week of 4/7; four weeks
  7. Presentations/Final Report
    1. April 22nd and 23rd – Action Team and Leadership
    2. May 1st/2nd, Action Team, Board of Trustees
    3. May 16th – final report

Project Update (see past updates)

May 9, 2014

Sent on behalf of Sandra Wong, Dean of the Faculty and College, Chair of the Library Renovation Team:

Thanks to all who have contributed to the discussion and dialogue throughout this process. Here is a summary of the latest activities in Phase 1 of Programming and Concept Design with MASS Design Group and brightspot:

Week of April 28

  • Second draft of programming and concept design presentations for the Library and Center Teams, President's Cabinet, and Board of Trustees; presentations encompassed feedback from groups that participated the previous week.

Weeks of May 5 and May 12

  • MASS Design Group will take feedback from presentations on May 1 and 2 to develop the final report.

Week of May 19

  • MASS Design Group presents final report to CC leadership, Library and Center Teams, and Board of Trustees special project team focused on the library.

View the slides from the second draft of the programming presentation and a detailed timeline:


The new Center for Immersive Learning and Engaged Teaching will provide new resources to support our mission to provide the finest liberal arts education and realize the potential of our pioneering Block Plan. The renovated library will provide the physical home for the new center and serve as the intellectual hub of the campus.

Action Team

  • Sandra Wong, co-Chair, Dean of the College/Dean of the Faculty
  • Brian Young, co-Chair, Vice President for Information Technology/Chief Technology Officer
  • Chris Coulter, Director of Facilities Services
  • Lori Driscoll, Associate Professor of Psychology (2013-14) and (2014-15)
  • Traci Freeman, Director of the Colket Learning Center
  • Ivan Gaetz, Library Director
  • Michael Healy, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
  • Brian Heng (student), sophomore
  • Shane Heschel, Associate Professor of Biology (2013-14) and (2014-15)
  • Mitchell Leong (student), sophomore
  • Robert Moore, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Esther Redmount, Associate Professor of Economics and Business (2013-14) and (2014-15)
  • Mike Siddoway, Associate Dean of the Faculty
  • John Simons, Professor of English
  • Caitlin Taber, student (2015-16)
  • Alistaire Tallent, Associate Professor of French, Italian and Arabic
  • Sanjaya Thakur, Assistant Professor of Classics
  • John Williams, Associate Professor of History
  • Nila Horner (student), sophomore (2014-15)
  • Garrett Benisch, student (2013-14)
  • Elaina (Lainie) Formby, student (2013-14)
  • Eugene Tan, student (2013-14)