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Library Renovation and Programming

Charge: The new Center for Immersive Learning and Engaged Teaching will provide new resources to support our mission to provide the finest liberal arts education and realize the potential of our pioneering block plan. The renovated library will provide the physical home for the new center and serve as the intellectual hub of the campus.

Phase one of this project involves programming and concept design. The Library Action Team has invited consultants from MASS Design Group and brightspot to campus for an intensive eight-week visit. The group will meet with CC leadership, tour campus with students, and conduct visioning workshops with faculty as part of this initial planning stage. The building’s physical design will be developed to meet these conceptual and programming needs. You are invited to join in the dialogue by providing input to the consultant team in this initial planning stage.

Project Timeline

  1. Pre-work
    1. Week of 3/19
  2. Immersion
    1. Week of 3/24
  3. Visioning
    1. Week of 3/31
  4. Programming
    1. Begins week of 4/7; four weeks
  5. Technical Assessment
    1. Week of 3/31; two weeks
  6. Concept Design
    1. Begins week of 4/7; four weeks
  7. Presentations/Final Report
    1. April 22nd and 23rd – Action Team and Leadership
    2. May 1st/2nd, Action Team, Board of Trustees
    3. May 16th – final report

Project Update (see past updates)

May 9, 2014

Sent on behalf of Sandra Wong, Dean of the Faculty and College, Chair of the Library Renovation Team:

Thanks to all who have contributed to the discussion and dialogue throughout this process. Here is a summary of the latest activities in Phase 1 of Programming and Concept Design with MASS Design Group and brightspot:

Week of April 28

  • Second draft of programming and concept design presentations for the Library and Center Teams, President's Cabinet, and Board of Trustees; presentations encompassed feedback from groups that participated the previous week.

Weeks of May 5 and May 12

  • MASS Design Group will take feedback from presentations on May 1 and 2 to develop the final report.

Week of May 19

  • MASS Design Group presents final report to CC leadership, Library and Center Teams, and Board of Trustees special project team focused on the library.

View the slides from the second draft of the programming presentation and a detailed timeline: