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The many benefits of the extraordinary alliance between the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and the college include new community offerings and enriched student experiences - creating a synergy between the two that invigorates the other. As designated by the legal agreement that guides the alliance, representatives from both institutions undertook a strategic planning process. These groups gathered extensive feedback from the Fine Arts Center, the college, and the community, learning much more about the community's deep engagement with the arts and its commitment to celebrating the ways in which the arts enrich understanding, inspire those who engage, and expand our worlds.

The resulting plan contributes significantly to CC's overall strategic aims. For example, the alliance will create new opportunities for object-based teaching, short field trips, visiting artists, and experiential education such as internships for students. And with one of the most important collections of Southwest art in the world, the museum supports our sense of place. To date, most of the strategic work to emphasize our unique location has focused on campus sustainability, environmental education, and extending outdoor education to all students - through the alliance, we can do more in the arts and humanities.

The creation of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College (FAC) supports our emphasis on innovation and adventure. In the words of a March 2017 art review about a FAC show of drawings and paintings, "The exhibit shows the upside of letting an academic institution take the reins. Colleges are shielded from the ups and downs that cultural nonprofits face and can push boundaries…. They have a history of sheltering provocative ideas." Now, we are using this spirit to design a national model of distinction for an arts center that joins with a college to serve the campus, the community, the region, and the world. The FAC plan affirms and underscores the themes that guide CC's strategic plan, and we look forward to executing the FAC plan as a significant part of our efforts.

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Excellence, Access, and Collaboration:

Summary of a Strategic Plan for the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College

In August 2016, the CSFAC and CC announced an alliance that supports the missions of both organizations while expanding innovative learning opportunities, arts programming, and cultural resources for the greater Colorado Springs community and the college. Our vision is to develop a national model of distinction for an arts center that joins with a college to serve the campus, the community, the region, and the world. Three themes - excellence, access and collaboration, and connectivity - affirm this spirit of engagement and support six recommendations that will contribute to our distinction for years to come.

One: Nurturing a Community of Artists
Nurture an artists' community that offers innovative arts learning and expertise; creates leaders for local, regional, national, and global arts worlds; offers development opportunities to professionals.

Two: Inviting Visitors to Enliven Our Community
Engage top-quality visiting artists, performers, scholars, and exhibits; make their work, objects, and events accessible to all; draw on their presence to inspire learning experiences; and creative opportunities for the community.

Three: Building an Innovative Program of Arts Education
Develop an arts education program that becomes highly regarded nationally; create excellent arts education offerings with special emphasis on youth; include professional development for teachers.

Four: Inspiring Creativity through Collaboration
Encourage and sustain vibrant connections across all programs. Developing shared physical space and encouraging risk-taking to try new things will contribute to this aim.

Five: Developing an Arts Corridor
Develop an Arts Corridor for our community; encourage local galleries, studios, and other arts and creative entities to locate nearby and become integral members of the community the corridor promotes.

Six: Underscoring our Sense of Place
Encourage sense of place through physical location, Southwest and Spanish Colonial collections, and regional theatre, classes, and exhibits; use these efforts to link the FAC to its traditions and future.


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