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    Implementation: Fine Arts Center

    CSFAC at CC Implementation



    Museum – implementation of initiatives
    Bemis School of Art – initiative planning, form group to explore initiatives in Oct/Nov
    Performing Arts – ongoing operations


    Museum – continue implementation
    Bemis School of Art – implementation of initiatives, form group to begin space planning
    Performing Arts – initiative planning, form group to explore initiatives in Sept/Oct


    Museum – continue implementation
    Bemis School of Art – continue implementation
    Performing Arts – implementation of initiatives
    Spring 2020 – prepare summary report of implementation activities

    Measures of Success

    • Numbers who visit the museum, attend performances, and enroll in classes; diversity of visitors by zip code, age, race, residing in Colorado or outside the state, and program type
    • Number of return visits by program category
    • Number of artists in Colorado Springs who engage with the FAC
    • Evidence of satisfaction with FAC use and experience
    • Gifts to the FAC Foundation and CC restricted endowment for the FAC to meet the $45 million goal
    • Evidence that the college is identified as a beacon for arts among liberal arts colleges
    • Digitization of the collection and number of users who access the online resources
    • Number of college students who major or participate in arts
    • Integration of the FAC in the academic programs of the college
    • Number of graduates of the college who pursue careers in the arts; evidence of their local, regional, and global influence
    • Number of community members engaged in college performances and events at venues other than the FAC
    • The economic impact of arts in the city
    • Regional and national coverage of FAC offerings including reviews of exhibits and performances
    • Robust philanthropic support for the FAC including grants, donations, and memberships
    • Growth of the FAC collection