In the Loop

Strong colleges and workplaces require strong internal communications, vibrant collaboration, and organization transparency. During the past two years, efforts have been made to increase communication on campus, especially among staff, who can now attend a regular town hall-style gathering called “In the Loop All-Staff Meetings” and directly connect with the president and other staff members.

Chief of Staff Jermyn Davis discusses why the president and Staff Council partnered up to launch “In the Loop.”

“During Jill’s Year of Listening, one of the ideas that came up was that the community didn’t have a gathering place to see each other, be social, get to know people from other departments, and hear the latest information about the college. There wasn’t an existing mechanism to keep staff in the loop. There’s only so much you can do via email or Staff Digest; some things people want to hear verbally. So the president and staff council got together and decided, ‘we can do this; it’s an easy fix.’ And “In the Loop” was started. It serves both a social gathering and information dissemination function that was missing for the staff.

I think it’s accomplished a lot. Staff have a clearer understanding of what is going on at the college regarding the decisions being made and who is making those decisions. It’s great for people to hear directly from the president and cabinet what’s going on. And people can submit a question via the website beforehand and they know it will get answered at the meeting. It’s become a good way to meet new people on campus or see people you may not have seen in a while. It helps with collaboration, because it becomes easier to call somebody up if you have just seen and talked to them at In the Loop.”