2017 State of the Rockies Report

2017 State of the Rockies Report:

Inclusive River Governance for a Changing West

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Research undertaken by Colorado College undergraduates has always been at the core of the State of the Rockies Project. In this year's report, the final publication stemming from our two-year focus on western water issues, our five Student Fellows investigate current policies and actions surrounding river governance and water management in the Columbia and Colorado River Basins.

From tribal water rights to shifting paradigms of environmental management and the impacts of climate change on mountain snowpack, the sections of the 2017 State of the Rockies Report focus on different ways in which management of our most critical resource is becoming increasingly sensitive to the social and ecological realities of the 21st century.

Our research this past year has taken us to Native American reservations, salmon hatcheries, the site of a massive dam removal project, and the headquarters of the largest hydroelectricity producer in the country. In pursuit of a deeper understanding and more holistic perspective, students engaged with diverse stakeholders whose backgrounds range from natural resource law to hydrology.

The results of their hard work are available by clicking on the individual sections below and you can download the 2017 State of the Rockies Report here.







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