Down the Colorado

Down the Colorado (DTC) Expedition

Developing on the successes of our Source-to-Sea Expedition that occurred in the fall of 2011 and winter of 2012 (see below), the Rockies Project undertook another expedition in the summer of 2012: the Down the Colorado Expedition. Having witnessed the perilous state of the river basin firsthand in their first trip, our two fearless expedition managers, Will and Zak, set out once again to research the river up-close-and-personal. This time they set out to create a video narrative of the river, interviewing stakeholders along the river and producing a video episode series set to be released in the spring of 2013. For this journey they were joined by two other recent Colorado College graduates who acted as Rockies Project field researchers, and in addition to the videos they captured along the way, they took daily water samples to produce a dataset covering the Upper Colorado River. To visit the expedition's website, go to:

Down the Colorado Expedition video series released with Canoe and Kayak Magazine!

In the spring of 2013 we teamed up with Canoe and Kayak Magazine to release the five-part video episodes produced from the Down the Colorado Expedition. The video series follows our expedition members from the headwaters of the Colorado River in Rocky Mountain National Park to Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona. Examining major issues of the river system through interviews with various stakeholders, including farmers, recreatonalists, and politicians, the series seeks to bring a voice to the many people who rely on a healthy Colorado River. To view all of the episodes and some of the Rockies Project's video work, please visit our Vimeo site.

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