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The Plains to Peak Bulletin provides a greater glimpse into the Rockies Project research experience and shares future developments of the Project. The Bulletin covers our ongoing commitment to the American West, our undergraduate student research, and outreach initiatives aimed at encouraging critical discussion of natural resource and environmental issues.

Fall 2017 Plains to Peak Bulletin

Over the past summer, State of the Rockies Student Fellows focussed their research right in our own backyard: the Pikes Peak Region. Two Student Fellows worked as a team to investigate the lessons learned from recent wildfires and model potential, future fires and floods in Colorado Springs' wildland-urban interface. This Bulletin also presents another Student Fellow's exploration of the impacts of public land management on Indigenous peoples, and focusses in particular on the role of tribal consultation processes. Finally, the Fall 2017 Bulletin contains an update to our recent article about Bears Ears National Monument, published in the Spring 2017 Bulletin, and further reflects on the recently completed review of 27 National Monuments. Click here to download a PDF, or read this edition below!

Spring 2017 Plains to Peak Bulletin

The most recent edition of the Plains to Peak Bulletin covers one Student Fellow's investigation into salmon recovery under the Endangered Species Act and another Fellow's analyses of dam construction and removal across the West. The bulletin also features an aerial photo-essay of the National Park Service's Centennial Year and a reflection from a Rockies Project alumna on the newly designated Bears Ears National Monument.

Download the Spring 2017 Plains to Peak Bulletin as a PDF here.

Fall 2016 Plains to Peak Bulletin

The most recent edition of the Plains to Peak Bulletin covers State of the Rockies' comparative approach to studying river governance in the West and an update on the 2016 State of the Rockies Report. The bulletin also highlights student research from summer 2016, including sections on deferred water justice for tribes in the West, and the connection between climate change and a diminishing snowpack in the Rockies and the Pacific Northwest.  

Download the Fall 2016 Plains to Peak Bulletin as a PDF here.

Spring 2016 Plains to Peak Bulletin

Covering student research, and the interdisciplinary nature of the Rockies Project, including a photo essay from a trip across the Southwest with the group EcoFlight.

Fall 2015 Plains to Peak Bulletin

Covering summer 2015 field research trip, student research focus and a letter from the Director.