2007 Team and Field Trips

2007 Team and Field Trips

State of the Rockies Summer 2007 Field Trips

The tradition of extensive Rockies field work continued in the Summer of 2007. With the belief that the best way to study the region is to get out in it, the research team traveled 2,500 miles in eight days, talking to regional experts and getting a first hand look at the issues they are studying

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Swift and Company, Greeley, Colorado (6/9/2007)
Highlands Garden Village, Denver, Colorado (6/9/2007)
Latino Services Network Meeting, Jackson, Wyoming (6/11/2007)
Hutterite Wind Farm, Martinsdale, Montana (6/12/2007)
Sopris Foundation Conference, Missoula, Montana (6/13/2007)

2007 Rockies Project Team

Simon Cataldo is a student researcher for the 2008 State of the Rockies Report Card. A native of Concord, Massachusetts, Simon has also lived in Ecuador and Bolivia, where he studied language, cultural studies and development issues. Simon is excited to have the opportunity to continue to explore the interface of the environmental and social sciences through the Rockies Project. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Science in May of 2008, he plans to study environmental law or continue his research on the chemistry of biodiesel.

Lucy Emerson-Bell is a student researcher for the 2008 State of the Rockies Report Card. She will graduate in May 2008 with a major in Biology and specific interest in Ecology. During her Oceans and Climate semester through Sea Education Association she concentrated on the environmental consequences of climate change and carried out marine biology research. She is passionate about the environment and is involved in many campus environmental clubs. Lucy has previously done science research in tropical climates and is now looking forward to focusing on the ecology of the Rockies.

Brandon Goldstein is a student researcher for the 2008 State of the Rockies Report Card. He will graduate in May, 2008 with a major in mathematical economics. Growing up in Montana, Brandon has gained considerable interest in social and environmental issues throughout the Rocky Mountain States. His senior thesis research will focus on the evaluation of environmental systems through regression analysis. As an intern for the State of the Rockies project, he is pursuing his interest in the field of environmental economics.

David Havlick will serve as co-editor for the 2007/2008 State of the Rockies Project. He graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in English, earned an M.S. in environmental studies from the University of Montana, and in fall 2006 completed his Ph.D. in geography at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His publications include No Place Distant: Roads and Motorized Recreation on America's Public Lands (Island Press, 2002); and articles in Ethics, Place & Environment, High Country News, Walking, Adventure Cyclist, Conservation in Practice, Camas, Runner's World, and other periodicals. He was the founding president of Wild Rockies Field Institute, where he taught for more than a decade as a field instructor, and has worked for other organizations including Predator Conservation Alliance, Wildlands CPR, and the Forest History Society

Walter E. Hecox is professor of economics and environmental science, director of the Slade Sustainable Development Workshop, and project director for the State of the Rockies Project at Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Walt received his B.A. degree from Colorado College in 1964 and an M.A. (1967) and Ph.D. (1970) from Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York. He teaches courses in ecological economics and sustainable development. He has conducted research and taken leave to work for the World Bank, U.S. Agency for International Development, U.S. Department of Energy, and Colorado Department of Natural Resources. He is author of Charting the Colorado Plateau: an Economic and Demographic Exploration (The Grand Canyon Trust, 1996), co-author of Beyond the Boundaries: the Human and Natural Communities of the Greater Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon Trust, 1997), and co-editor of the Colorado College State of the Rockies Report Cards.

Chris Jackson is 2007/08 program coordinator for the Colorado College State of the Rockies Project. This is his third year with the State of the Rockies Project, and second year as the program coordinator when he also served as co-editor of the 2007 Report Card. Chris' work for the 2006 Report Card focused on innovative resource management techniques in the Rockies, and was a co-editor of the 2007 State of the Rockies Report Card. He graduated cum laude from Colorado College in May 2006 with a B.A. degree in International Political Economics.

Liz Kolbe is a student researcher for the 2008 State of the Rockies Project Report Card. She is currently an environmental science major at CC with a particular interest in renewable energy and sustainable design. Since leaving Grinnell, Iowa, she has also developed an interest in the state's agricultural economy, its relationship to ethanol, and the effects of the corn subsidy on farmers and markets. In addition to academic work, Liz is a captain of the CC women's basketball team and also enjoys spending time outside with a Frisbee. After graduation in May 2008, she plans to pursue a master's degree in environmental studies.

Matthew K. Reuer serves as the technical liaison for the State of the Rockies Project, overseeing tasks including data assimilation, GIS analysis, and logistics management; in addition he co-edited the 2007 Report Card He received his doctorate degree from MIT in 2002 and was a Harry Hess postdoctoral research fellow at Princeton University from 2002 to 2004, focusing on global carbon cycle research. Matt's scientific interests in this region include the environmental chemistry of western rivers and watersheds and global change impacts on alpine biogeochemical cycles. He is also highly interested in western development issues and the creation of innovative energy policies in the Rocky Mountain West.

Wiley Rogers is a student researcher for the 2008 State of the Rockies Project Report Card. He is currently a junior at Colorado College completing his self designed major Ecological Economics, which is an interdisciplinary approach to Environmental Science combining Mathematics, Environmental Science and Economics courses. After spending summer 2006 attending a perma-culture design course taught in interior Brazil and during the fall researching tourist demographics with Costa Rica's National Park system, Wiley is excited to be investigating Rockies topics closer to home.

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