2005 Team and Field Trips

2005 Team and Field Trips

State of the Rockies Summer 2005 Field Trips

The Rockies Project is committed to working on issues that matter to communities in our region. In order to truly understand the topics we are presenting in our report card, the Rockies research team met with community members and local experts in the Rockies.

To view photos and descriptions of our visits please select a link below:

Lasater Ranch 7/8/05
Yellowstone National Park 7/17-7/18/05
Sandy Pew's North Ridge Ranch 7/18/05
Turner Flying D Ranch and Turner Endangered Species Fund 7/19/05
Flitner Ranch 7/21/05
Ucross Ranch 7/22/05
Rocky Mountain Biological Lab 8/3/05

2005 Rockies Project Team

Walter E. Hecox is professor of economics, director of the Slade Sustainable Development Workshop, and project director for the State of the Rockies Project at Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Walt received his B.A. degree from Colorado College in 1964 and an M.A. (1967) and Ph.D. (1970) from Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York. He teaches courses in international economics, ecological economics, and sustainable development. He has conducted research and taken leave to work for the World Bank, U.S. Agency for International Development, U.S. Department of Energy, and Colorado Department of Natural Resources. He is author of Charting the Colorado Plateau (The Grand Canyon Trust, 1996), co-author of Beyond the Boundaries: The Human and Natural Communities of the Greater Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon Trust, 1997), co-editor of the Colorado College State of the Rockies Report Cards.

Bryan Hurlbutt is the 2005/06 program coordinator for the Colorado College State of the Rockies Project. He graduated from Colorado College with a BA degree in May 2004, majoring in Physics. During Summer 2004 he worked for the Rockies Project on research concerning West Yellowstone, Montana and the impacts on this "captive" gateway community of variable Yellowstone National Park snowmobile access policies. During his undergraduate years he was a physics tutor and grader, worked on solar physics research in Bozeman, Montana and astrophysics research in Colorado College, as well as Orca whale research in the San Juan Islands, Washington. He has also been active in the New Voters Project during the 2004 Presidential elections.

Chris Jackson is a student summer researcher for the State of the Rockies Project 2006 Report Card. He will graduate in May 2006 with a major in international political economy. His thesis research will focus on cross-border environmental issues between the United States and Canada and the subsequent impact on relations between the two countries. Chris's interest in international relations stems from his extensive travel through central Europe while studying in the Czech Republic in 2004. Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, Chris gained a particular interest in water issues in the Rockies as they pertain to fishing.

Jared Kapela is a student summer researcher for the State of the Rockies Project 2006 Report Card. Jared will graduate in May 2006 with a double major in economics and environmental science and plans to continue his Rockies research into his senior year in order to complete a thesis in economics. Since matriculating to Colorado College from his high school in Hunting Valley, Ohio, Jared has been an intern with the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C., and has worked on campus to promote various environmental initiatives with students and faculty. After graduation, he plans to pursue a master's degree in business administration and work in the private sector to promote market approaches for solving environmental problems.

Caitlin O'Brady is the lead researcher for the State of the Rockies Project summer 2005 research team after working as a student researcher for the Rockies Project during the 2004/05 school year. She graduated from Colorado College with honors in May 2005 with a major in environmental science. She has a keen interest in social and environmental issues of different regions which she has explored while studying sustainable development and social change in Central America and working for a bioregional nonprofit in the Pacific Northwest. In her time at CC, Caitlin participated in various projects with the campus environmental group, and was awarded several grants to complete and present her senior thesis research on the effects of an invasive nitrogen-fixing tree on Hawaiian ecosystems.

Matthew K. Reuer serves as the technical liaison for the State of the Rockies Project, overseeing tasks including data assimilation, GIS analysis, and logistics management. He received his doctorate degree from MIT in 2002 and was a Harry Hess postdoctoral research fellow at Princeton University from 2002 to 2004, focusing on global carbon cycle research. Matt's scientific interests in this region include the environmental chemistry of western rivers and watersheds and global change impacts on alpine biogeochemical cycles. He is also highly interested in western development issues and the creation of innovative energy policies in the Rocky Mountain West.

Amanda Strauss is a student summer researcher for the State of the Rockies Project 2006 Report Card. She will graduate from Colorado College in May 2006 with a major in biology. While studying ecology across Ecuador's diverse terrain, she developed a greater understanding and interest in global and regional environmental issues. As an intern for the State of the Rockies Project, she is pursuing her interest and gaining a greater understanding of the realm where biology and economics meet on the regional level.

Andrew Yarbrough is a student summer researcher for the State of the Rockies Project 2006 Report Card. He is from Roxbury, Connecticut, and graduated from the Taft High School in 2002. Andrew is a senior international political economy major at CC and has a particular interest in the political economy of the European Union. After spending his junior year at the London School of Economics and a summer studying at the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain, Andrew is excited to return to CC for his final year. He is passionate about environmental protection and land conservation in the Rocky Mountain region.

Greg Zimmerman is a student summer researcher for the State of the Rockies Project 2006 Report Card. He is currently a senior environmental science major at Colorado College. As a younger man, Greg was a competitive gymnast, but has moved on to focus his efforts on his education with a particular interest in water management and water law, specifically how water management shapes development in the American West. After graduation, Greg plans to continue his education, perhaps studying environmental policy and law.

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