2007 Report Card

2007 Report Card

The 2007 Colorado College State of the Rockies Report Card

As quickly as the Rockies Project addresses one set of challenges to the eight-state region, new issues appear on the horizon. For the 2007 Report Card such challenges include forest health and the importance of fire mitigation and disease in this region, energy development impacts on Rockies' communities and infrastructure, water use in the Rockies and the growing need for agriculture to urban water transfers, and trends in new communities, including "new urbanism".

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Table of Contents

An Introduction from the President - The Colorado College State of the Rockies Project: Research, Report, Engage!

Colorado College, The Rocky Mountain West, and The State of the Rockies Project

Editors' Preface and Executive Summary

Rockies Baseline: Vital Signs for a Region in Transition

Challenge Essay - Democrats and their Rocky Mountain High (Hopes): A Close Look at Party Voting Patterns in the Eight-State Rocky Mountain West

Challenge Essay - How the West is Wired: Broadband Connectivity in the West

Water Sustainability in the Rockies: Agriculture to Urban Transfers and Implications for Future Water Use

Faculty Overview - The Healthy Forests Restoration Act

Forest Health in the Rockies: Human Needs and Ecological Reality

Energy Development in the Rockies: Tempering the Boom, Avoiding the Bust

The Growing Rockies: New People, New Communities New Urbanism

Feeding from the Federal Trough: Patterns of Federal Government Expenditure Around the Rockies

Methods, Additional Acknowledgements, and State of the Rockies Contributors

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