2006 Report Card

2006 Report Card

The 2006 Colorado College State of the Rockies Report Card

The 2006 State of the Rockies Report Card continues the Rockies Project tradition of reporting key issues in this unique region of spectacular natural beauty, cultural wealth, abundant resources, and fragile environment. In these pages you will find analysis and discussion of some key issues that confront the Rockies: biodiversity, ranch economics, climate change, land conservation, and child development.

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Table of Contents


President's Introduction

Colorado College, The Rocky Mountain West, and The State of the Rockies Project

Editors' Preface and Executive Summary

Rockies Baseline: Vital Signs for a Region in Transition

A Common Western Voice: Can the Rockies Be Heard in Washington, D.C.?

Ranching in the Rockies: Threats and Signs of Hope

Conservation Easements: Preserving Private Land in the Rockies

New Resource Management: Innovative Approaches in the Rockies

Experiments in Managing the Federal Estate: The Case of the Valles Caldera

Biodiversity: a Coat of Many Colors

The Invasion of Our Rockies: Hype or Management Priority

Myths Versus Realities Concerning Threatened and Endangered Species in the Rockies

The Endangered Species Act of 1973: An Overview

Preserving Biodiversity: Mapping Habitat Threat in the Rockies

Fragmenting the Western American Landscape

Regional Challenges of Future Climate Change

Climate Change: Modeling a Warmer Rockies and Assessing the Implications

Environmental Justice: Income, Race, Ethnicity and Toxic Pollution in the Rockies Metro Areas

Grading the Rockies: Nurturing the Youth - REVISED April 14, 2006

Methods, Additional Acknowledgements, and Contributors' Biographies

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