2006 Conference

2006 Conference

Our third State of the Rockies Conference, held April 10-13, 2006, released the 2006 State of the Rockies Report Card and celebrated many of the issues it covers with speakers and events. This year's conference examined environmental justice, the effect habitat threat and fragmentation of land has on biodiversity, the political voice of the Rockies Region on a national level, changes to ranching in the Rockies, land conservation, and how effectively each county nurtures its youth.

One focus of the 2006 State of the Rockies Conference was the regional effects of future climate change. The climate change session included talks by Roger Pielke Sr., Colorado state climatologist and professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University; Roger Pielke Jr., former scientist with the National Center for Atmospheric Research, professor of environmental studies and fellow at the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado, Boulder; and Auden Schendler, director of environmental affairs for the Aspen Skiing Company.

The 2006 State of the Rockies Conference also updated the "Rockies Baseline" section, which illustrates the region's essential demographics, including population and age, language, race and ethnicity, families, housing units, home values and costs, education attainment, income, poverty, income by type, employment by occupation, employment growth by occupation, employment by industry, and employment growth by industry. These baseline statistics track vital signs that depict a region in transition.

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Energizing the Rockies: Energy Challenges in Global, National and Regional Perspectives

Energizing the Rockies was a monthly speaker series running from December 2006 to March 2007, co-sponsored with the Schlessman Business Perspectives Program, which addressed the impacts the current energy boom is having on the communities and environment in the eight-state Rockies region.

The eight-state Rockies region is undergoing an immense energy boom in exploration and production. Communities as well as ecosystems are affected in profound ways. Alongside economic benefits in jobs and income come stresses to the region's communities, land, water, and wildlife. What role is appropriate for the Rockies as the U.S. seeks less dependence on foreign energy supplies? How are global and national conditions likely to impact the future of energy in the Rockies? When and how might renewable energy as well as conservation become a significant part of our national energy system? These and other questions were addressed by speakers in this series, intended to contribute to campus and community awareness and discussion of critical issues facing the Rockies.

Speaker Topic Time and Venue

Rebecca W. Watson
former assistant secretary,
Department of the Interior The Rockies as National Energy Supplier: the Role of Federal Land and Resources (pdf of presentation here) December 13, 2006

Raymond Plank
Founder and Chairman,
Apache Corporation Oil and Gas: Fuel for the Current Rockies Boom (This letter from Raymond Plank follows up on questions he was asked after his talk) January 24, 2007

Randy Udall
director of the CORE, Aspen Renewable Energy Possibilities: Offsets to Traditional Sources February 27, 2007

Matthew R. Simmons
Chair and CEO, Simmons
and Co. Intl.; author,
"Twilight in the Desert" Adjusting to the End of Cheap Oil: What Should the U.S. and the Rockies Do? March 5, 2007

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