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Mission and Values

Our Mission

The State of the Rockies Project engages students, faculty, conservation experts, and stakeholders to address critical environmental and natural resource issues through interdisciplinary research in the Rockies and the American West. 

Who We Are

Colorado College students, faculty, and staff interested in the long-term viability of Rockies’ communities and environment.

We Strive To

  • Inform stakeholders about critical regional issues.
  • Encourage dialogue and collaborative action to protect and nurture the Rockies.
  • Connect peer communities by sharing best practices.
  • Stimulate Colorado College student contributions and outreach in the Rockies.

What We Do

Through student-faculty-staff collaboration we:

  • Ask interesting questions
  • Gather relevant data
  • Publish informative annual reports
  • Hold stimulating discussions
  • Enrich Rockies’ dialogue