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Faculty Advisory Board

Becca Barnes

Assistant Professor


Rebecca (Becca) Barnes is a professor in the Environmental Program. She is an ecosystem ecologist and biogeochemist interested in how nitrogen and carbon are transformed and transported within watersheds and how disturbance alters these cycles.

Becca and her students are currently working on multiple projects examining C and N: (i) how tidal freshwater zones process nitrogen, (ii) resilience of forest C stocks after forest fires, (iii) impacts of Yellow Cedar migration on ecosystem C & N cycling, and (iv) how institutional N footprints can inform sustainability choices.

As a board member of the Earth Science Women’s Network, Becca is committed to increasing the participation of women in earth and environmental science fields, and more generally in any STEM field. In her free time, Becca enjoys hiking, cooking, and very occasionally attempting stand-up comedy at local venues.

Tyler Cornelius

Visiting Assistant Professor


Tyler Cornelius is a cultural and environmental historian who focuses on the North American West. Tyler’s current research focuses on the mid-century hydroelectric development of the Columbia River, and the social, cultural, and economic changes that came with it.

He currently holds a position as a Visiting Assistant Professor of History and Environmental Science at Colorado College, where he teaches courses relating to American Indian History, environmental history, sustainability, and changing food systems. Tyler spends his free time hiking, backpacking, talking politics, enjoying local food and drink, and gardening with his two-year-old son.

Shane Heschel

Associate Professor, Associate Chair of the Organismal Biology and Ecology Department


Shane Heschel is a professor in the Organismal Biology and Ecology Department whose research interests include physiological ecology of plant populations, particularly in stressful environments (such as drought and UV); he examines how physiological mechanisms of stress tolerance evolve as well as how environmental factors drive the local extinction of plant populations. Shane spends his free time enjoying blues guitar, baseball, pie, and botany.

Miro Kummel

Associate Professor, Director of the Environmental Program


Miroslav 'Miro' Kummel is a professor in the Environmental Program and a population ecologist whose research connects the boundaries of mathematics, biology, and climatology. Miro's research focuses on two distinct but related topics in spatial ecology. In the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Miro studies self-organization and emergent properties in spatial population dynamics of aphids, ants, and ladybugs.

Moving to higher elevations on Pikes Peak, Miro studies the migration of alpine tree line in response to regionally changing climate, and small-scale microclimatological feedbacks that are generated by the tree line migration. He spends his free time organic gardening, riding horses, painting with watercolors, woodworking with hand tools, skiing, and backpacking.

Jean Lee

Assistant Professor


Jean Lee is a professor in the Environmental Program and an ecological economist who works with farmers in developing countries (sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia) to explore issues of equity in payment for ecosystem services schemes. Jean is committed to a participatory action research approach and works closely with the local communities and organizations to identify questions that are of relevance to them. As part of this commitment to local, place-based research, she has started working with rural, dependent communities on the Western Slope and investigating how natural resource management conflicts interact with their livelihood strategies. 

Her research interests include theory and practice of social learning and collaboration, adaptation and resiliency, and multi-scale governance. She spends her free time hiking, cooking, and eating good cheese-- the sharper the better!

Corina McKendry

Assistant Professor


Corina McKendry teaches environmental politics and political economy in the Political Science Department and for the Environmental Program. Corina’s research examines legitimacy, effectiveness, and equity in city environmental governance. With a focus on post-industrial cities in the Global North, she is particularly interested in how city leaders negotiate the tensions between environmental protection, economic growth, and social justice, the oft-cited “three pillars” of sustainability. In particular, her work investigates the ways that local politics, national legal context, and the globalized economy intersect in cities in ways that force leaders to negotiate trade-offs – or seek to find common ground – among these three goals.

Eric Perramond

Associate Professor, Director of Southwest Studies
On sabbatical Jan 2017-August 2018


Eric Perramond is a human-environment geographer. He holds a joint appointment in both the Environmental and the Southwest Studies programs at Colorado College. Eric's current book project is on the water rights adjudication process in New Mexico, and its effects on local, regional, and state water governance. He also conducts research on Mediterranean terroirs. He spends his free time hiking, traveling, and thinking about landscapes.