2020 Project Fellows


Rockies 2020 Fellows research adapts to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions

In response to the pandemic and the necessity of research being remote, we developed a project that all Fellows could work on together from wherever they were based for the summer. We decided to do an assessment of the climate policies being done by the states and major cities of the region. The goals were to 1) assess what is being done in the region to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, 2) set a baseline to be able to see if the Coronavirus recession impacts climate policies, and 3) evaluate if climate equity was incorporated into these policies. Rather than the individual, interview and field-based research that Fellows usually do, this project entailed the Fellows working together to conduct extensive content analysis of existing policies and government documents from the safety of their homes.

Leah Barazani is Leah Barazinia senior from Maplewood, New Jersey. She is an environmental studies major interested in urban studies, environmental justice, and farming! In her free time she likes to bake bread and listen to music. She'll be conducting her research from her home in New Jersey for the summer and she is looking forward to spending time with the other Fellows (hopefully) in the fall!


Emma Locke is a senior from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is an environmental studies major interested in urban planning, green buildings, and environmental justice. In her free time, Emma enjoys trail running, cooking, and walking with her dogs. She is very excited for the opportunity to be a State of the Rockies fellow and looking forward to spending the summer in Colorado Springs.

Matt Luzincourt headshotMatthew Luzincourt is a senior from Wheatley Heights, New York. He is majoring in Organismal Biology and Ecology, minoring in Environmental Issues, and is the co-chair of the CC QuestBridge Scholars Network. In his spare time, he loves to hike, paint, and watch Animal Planet. Matt is excited to explore questions concerning urban energy systems and urban climate policy this summer!

Gracia Seeley headshot

Gracia Seeley is a junior from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is double majoring in Political Science and Environmental Studies, and is excited to study the intersection of the two as a State of the Rockies Fellow. On campus, Gracia works at the Innovation Center, plays intramural sports and is involved on various student action groups like JStreet and Planned Parenthood Generation Action. She likes spending her free time outside and with friends, whether skiing, painting, or just lounging in the sunshine.  

Maddy Unger sunglasses2Hi, and thank you for visiting the State of the Rockies website! My name is Maddy Unger and I am an Environmental Studies Major/ Urban Studies Minor from Baltimore, Maryland. During my three years here in Colorado, I have grown increasingly interested in the changing landscape of the rural West, and the impact that agritourism and ecotourism has on agriculture, ranching and mining based economies. I am looking forward to exploring questions related to economic transitions, place-based relationships and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in the North Fork Valley this summer. In my free time you can find me gardening, hiking and having social-distancing bonfires with friends.


Rockies 2020 Fellows report on Subnational Climate Action at the 2020 Virtual CC SCORE conference

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