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Solidarity Statement

Colorado College is and has always been a home away from home for students, staff, and faculty. Without the people who fill our classrooms, cafeterias, offices, event spaces, studios, and corridors, this campus community could not exist. As staff members of Colorado College, members of the Colorado Springs community, and most importantly, as members of the human race, we condemn the hateful activity with which we are now associated.

We, the undersigned staff members of Colorado College, wish to express our solidarity with our students and faculty in standing against any and all efforts to divide our community. We condemn the inappropriate and divisive words sent via email last week, and commit ourselves to respecting and honoring each other as we move through our work here on campus and in life in order to build and better our diverse community.

We honor the appreciation that CC holds for the value and diversity that each individual brings to our campus. Our message today is to support the members of our community who were harmed by the callous and insensitive words of the anonymous author who emailed our students, alumni, faculty, and staff members. Staying true to our belief that everyone on this campus brings experiences and insights that make us all better, we maintain that attacks on any one of us is an attack on our community as a whole. We stand alongside one another for the furtherance of the college mission, and we similarly stand alongside one another to create a world of leaders who articulate with intelligence the thoughts and ideals that transform and transcend the limited concepts of elitism and hate. To do this, we must honor each culture, each community, each perspective, and each person who walks our campus grounds to ensure that Colorado College remains a community united.

Racism in any form is unacceptable. Bigotry in any form is unacceptable. Discrimination in any form is unacceptable. We will be vocal. We will stand in solidarity with victims. We will break down barriers meant to divide us. We will continue to lift up our community. With this message of support, we encourage one another to come together and grow our relationships, to be creative in helping one another heal, and to be solid supports for those still reeling under the weight of this directed attack.

Karen To, Communications
Rachel San Luis, Office of Communications
Kristina Reich, Advancement
Gerri Anne Reed, Economics & Business Dept.
Leonard Ortman II, Facilities Services
Mike Procell, 91.5 KRCC
Stephanie Wurtz, Communications
Christopher Schwing, Office of Communications
Mark Lee, Office of Communications
Felix Sanchez '93, Communications
Marc McKinzie, Facility Services/Construction
Charles Autry, HVAC/Facilities
Douglas Campbell, Facilities Services/Central Plant
Nichole Ridenour, Alumni and Family Relations
Carlos Pineda, Facilities
Ron Housman, Groundskeeper
Ryan Smith, HVAC
Shaylan Quinn, Theatre/Dance
Aaron Greeke, Facility services plumbing shop
Kate Holbrook, Chaplains' Office
Elizabeth Baker, Anthropology
Alexis Wilbert, Counseling Center
Steven Pattillo, Facilities Services/Plumbing
Darrold Hughes, Grounds
kenyon wilson, Facilities
Michael Brubaker, Facilities Services
Stephen Epperson, Facilities Services
Will Wise, Facilities Services
Kerry Brooke Steere, Annual Giving
Lee Doughty, Facilities
Jeff Watters, Grounds
Mark Ferguson, Facilities
Denise Sheridan, Facilities Services
Douglas Colonese, Facilities Paint Shop
Denise Sheridan, Facilities Services
Sally Eisentraut, Facilities Services
Marcus Moreno, Facilities Services
John Nichols, Facilities/Grounds
Peter Ordway, Facilities
Glen Powers, Transportation
Sarah Mahon, Facilities Services
Ben Wirt, Electric Shop
Laurice Rovella, Facilities Services
Randy Kruse, Bon Appetit
Kate Holbrook, Chaplains' Office
Rick Swan, Athletics
Joshua D Kephart, Campus Safety
Cesar Cervantes, Office of Student Life
Jan Edwards, Accessibility Resources
Maggie Santos, Campus Safety
Scott Peters, Advancement
Kate Holbrook, Chaplains' Office
Barbara Wilson, Human Resources & Administrative Services
Megan Brandes, FAC Patron Services
Susan Brickell, Finance & Administration
Jessica Bridge, Office of Human Resources
Roy Jo Sartin, Writing Center
Annette Megneys, Music Library
Jonathan Driscoll, Tutt Library
Laurie Mozingo, Human Resources
Katrina Bell, Writing Center
Darren Ceckanowicz, Environmental Program
Dan Crossey, Facilities
Signe Carlson, Advancement
Amy Pacheco, Mathematics & Computer Science
Meghan Yingling, Annual Giving
Andrea Culp, Career Center
Lani Hinkle, Public Interest Fellowship Program
Karen Khoury, Museum Shop Manager FAC
Franklin Mosher, Tutt Library
Ali Springer, Office of Admission
Erica Shafer, Financial Aid
Beth Busch, Advancement
Amanda Weston, Fine Arts Center/Communications
Ian Johnson, Office of Sustainability
John and Lily Lauer, Student Life/Alumni
Candace Santa Maria, Registrar's Office
Brenda Gillen, Advancement
Sherri Hanke, Advancement
Linda Alexander, Honnen Ice Arena
Heather Solov-St. Martin, Residential Life and Campus Activities
Karl Greis, Facilities Services
Celina Swedlund, Athletics
Mary Margaret Alvarado, Colket Center
Claire Ashmead, Fine Arts Center
Holly Rawls, FAC Theatre Company
Krystal Duran, Worner Campus Center
Karen Lee Smith, Office of the Dean
Meghan Rubenstein, Art Department
Belinda Barrientos, Office of the Dean
Ryan Hammes, Outdoor Education
Stacey Stevens, Career Center
David Bailey, Athletics
Carlos Jiménez, Office of Admission
Michael Spruce, Facilities/Grounds
Barry Hunt, Facilities
Shannon Amundson, Financial Aid
Frances Heiss, Facilities, Carpentry
Stephanie Daigle, Advancement
Jason Gabriel, Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment
Jazmine Genandt, Office of Admission
Mark O'Connell, Grounds
Cecelia Gonzales, Grounds
Steven "Kelly" Wilcox, Mail Services
Justin Weis, Housing and Conferences
Kristopher Higginbotham, Facilities
Alyson Alvarez, Advancement / Events
Zoë Moffett, Organismal Biology and Ecology
Caitlin Taber, ITS: Solutions Center
Patric Ryan, Facilities, Central Plant
Erika Blauth, Office of Admission
Dave Reed, Athletics
Rachael Abler, Outdoor Education
Douglas Campbell, Central Plant
Thomas Muldoon, Men's Lacrosse
Tracy Santa, Writing Program/Writing Center
Samilja Heim, FAC
Steve Getty, Quantitative Reasoning Center
Anna Keating, Chaplain's Office
Dave Reed, Athletics
Bryan Geer, Electric shop
Klay Matlock, Facilities Services, Carpentry Shop
Michael Spruce, Grounds
Anne Goodman James, Athletics
Jonathan Bernhard, Central Plant
Megan Rhodes, Office of Admission
Sarah Hinkle, Student Life
Ryan Walsh, Office of Admission
Brenda Houck, Arts & Crafts
Brittany Jackson, Office of Admission
David Crye, Outdoor Education
John Capers, Fine Arts Center
Hanna Ewell, Environmental Program
Dori Mitchell, Fine Arts Center Communications

Jim Burke, Summer Session
Lisa Gregory, Music Department
Luis E Valdez, RLCA
Rosemarie Pacheco, Advancement
Summer Adelbush, Office of Advancement
Ann Rule, Advancement
Scott Slaughterbeck, Grounds
Nancy Winkle, Advancement/Development
JoAnn Jacoby, Tutt Library
Kyle Larsen, Grounds Department
Michael Starr, Support Services
Robert Winkelblech, Facilities/Transportation
Jeff Steele, Physics
Jeanne Steiner, Arts and Crafts Program
Courtney Greis, Facilities Services
Greg Marshall, Arts & Crafts
Marianne Aldrich, Tutt Library
Ryan Smith, HVAC
Deanna Reed, CSFAC/Bemis School
Eliza Scally, FAC Museum
Lyrae Williams, Institutional Planning & Effectiveness
Jeremiah Houck, CSFAC/Bemis School
Amanda Udis-Kessler, Office of Assessment & Program Review
Ben Moffitt, Institutional Planning & Effectiveness
Dominic Gattuso, Political Science
Joy Armstrong, Fine Arts Center Museum
Matt Bonser '98, Office of Admission
Megan Robbins, FAC Patron Services
Anthony Weber, Athletics
Meg Remple, Circ. Dept. Tutt Library
Rebecca McCaskill, Fine Arts Center
Ann DeStefano, Psychology & Human Biology and Kinesiology
Kathleen Pogue, Res life and Campus Activities
Ann DeSefano, Psychology & Human Biology and Kinesiology
Suzanna McMurtry, Innovation
Polly Nordstrand, Fine Arts Center Museum
Jane Byrnes, Staff Council / Career Center
Brandy Petrie, Counseling Center
Karen West, Registrar's Office
Anna Squires, Career Center
Susan Stuart Elliott, Athletics, Women's Lacrosse Coach
Grayson Wilson, Loomis Front Desk
Erin Hannan, Fine Arts Center
Eileen Kitrick, Office of Communications
Lisa Smith, ResLife & Campus Activities
Chris Sheley, FAC Theatre Company
Matthew Hartmann, Technical Services, Tutt Library
Jean Truty, Fine Arts Center
Kevin Sommer, Honnen Ice Arena
Bowen Bradshaw, Athletics
Christina Shoemaker, Fine Arts Center- Performing Arts
Laura Hines, Advancement
Marita Beckert, Mathematics & Computer Science
Sara Rotunno, Accessibility Resources
Inger Bull, Office of International Programs
Meg Ortiz, Housing and Conferences
Robin Grossman, Athletics/Women's Soccer
Brittany Almeida, Alumni and Family Relations
Zita Toth, Residential Life and Campus Activities
Kate Carlton, Physics Department
Lisa Schwartz, Office of the Dean
Greg Capell, Athletics
Kimberly Elahab, Office for Advancement
Alexander B. Hernandez-Siegel, Chaplains' Office/Student Life
Stormy B. Burns, CSFAC Museum
Melanie Alexander, Athletics
Ina Remus, Advancement
Lynnette DiRaddo, Worner Campus Center
Katie Lynch, Athletics
Rochelle Taylor, Office of Housing and Conferences
Shelley Harper, Tutt Library
Austin Kumm, Bon Appetit Management Company
Paula Pyne, English
Maria Capp, Advancement/Stewardship
Chris Walters, Wellness Resource Center
Traci Freeman, Center for Academic Excellence
Ashley Nicholas, Registrar's Office
Heather Fedesco, Office of the Dean
Carol Arguello-Montoya, Campus Safety
Aaron Stoller, First Year Experience Program
Anita Pariseau, Alumni
Jason Stewart, Tutt Library
Heather Lovato, Office of the President
Shaylan Quinn, Theatre/Dance
Donna Beziou, International Programs
Debra Yazulla Mortenson, Education
Niki Sosa, Collaborative for Community Engagement
Josie Cohen, Film and Media Studies
Hanna Bautz, Office of the President
Anthony C. Siracusa, Ph.D, Collaborative for Community Engagement
Mariko Foecke, Paraprofessional, Molecular Biology
Erica Hardcastle, Classics/Comparative Literature
Laura Rosendo, Development
Debra Zarecky, Alumni and Family Relations
Christine Brett, Registrar's Office
Stephen Weaver, Geology
Teresa Latimer, Spanish & Portuguese/French & Italian
Bill Dove, Counseling Center
Kara Taber, Education Department
Brett Gray, Colket Center for Academic Excellence
Heather Powell Browne, Office of International Programs
Anabell Sintas, Hulbert Center for Southwest Studies
Lisa Kosiewicz Doran, Office of International Programs
Karla Roth, Registrar's Office
Corie Cole, Tutt Library
Heather Horton, Wellness Resource Center
Kimber Peterson, Residential Life & Campus Activities
Nielsen Davis, 3D Art Shop/Art
Brandy Lachocki, Chaplains' Office
Jenn Sides, Tutt Library
Aaron Cohick, The Press at Colorado College
Andrew Allison-Godfrey, Outdoor Education & Ritt Kellogg Coordinator, Outdoor Education
Gretchen Wardell, Career Center
Sarah Dunn, Annual Giving
Regina Henares, Office of the Dean
Mandy Sulfrian, Geology
Daryll Stevens, Music/Music Library
Diane Westerfield, Tutt Library
Amy Brooks, Tutt Library Special Collections
Maria Mendez, Office of the SARC, Student Life
Stella Mainar, Office of Alumni & Family Relations
John Wallace, Advancement
Michael McNamee, Alumni & Family Relations
Jordan Travis Radke, Collaborative for Community Engagement
Judy Kanagy, Alumni & Family Relations
David Trevithick, Academic dean
Drew Cavin, Office of Field Study
Marj Webster, Advancement
Chelsea Walter, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CLD) Education Specialist
Lisa Ruth, Sociology Department
Kathleen Bauer, Advancement Operations
Jessica Pauls, Political Science
Patti Spoelman, Tutt Library
Amairani Alamillo, Registrar's Office
Alexander Flugel, Chemistry
Andrea Schumacher, Music
Mark Saviano, Psychology
Pam Willock, Tutt Library
Jennifer O'Bryant, Office of the Dean, Advising Hub
Julia Drescher, Tutt Library
Dave Dymek, Music Library
Zoe Pierrat, Paraprofessional/Physics Department
Tess Powers, Office of the Dean
Alexie Millikin, Geology Department
Jessy Randall, Special Collections, Tutt Library
Christopher Curcio Tutt Library/Acquisitions Coordinator
Elizabeth Baker, Anthropology
Katie Hamilton, Theatre & Dance
Gina Spiers, Summer Music Festival
Carolyn Dickerson, Advancement
Cari Hanrahan, Office of Admission

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