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How an unassuming creek shaped Colorado Springs, and how the city shaped the creek.

Monument Creek's contemporary appearance belies the immense influence that the formerly-ephemeral stream has held since Colorado Springs' founding 1871. In many ways, the creek is a microcosm of larger resource management trends that have been materializing across the American Southwest over the past century. The following six vignettes have been skillfully crafted by Colorado College students Beau Burns and Nate Goodman to illuminate these trends and tell the story of Monument Creek's surprising role in shaping Colorado Springs. To most intimately understand Monument Creek's impact, it is best to read all vignettes, however each piece may also stand alone. 

palmer tile

Palmer’s Early Promises:

A Vision for Colorado Springs

bliss tile

Beautification and Bliss:

Living the Dream

flood tile

Floods and Frustration:

The End of an Era

military tile

Building Rivers:

Military in Colorado Springs

dillon tile

Caught in a Web of Regulation:

The End of Urban Imperialism

sds tile

The Stormwater Deficit

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