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“Food is more than what you eat. Food carries with it an undeniable sense of place”

— Judith Redmond of California’s Full Belly Farm

This is a short film by Alex Suber and Julian Kraus-Polk. The film provides a glimpse of the foodscape in the Colorado Springs area. We highlight some of the local farmers who provide food to Colorado College students, including Larga Vista Ranch, and the Colorado College student farm. We hope to foster growth of our local food shed by inspiring more connectivity between the community of Colorado Springs and our local food purveyors.

What is Our Local Foodshed?

The idea of a Foodshed is based on a watershed, which is an ecological area connected by water flowing from brooks to tributaries, to rivers.  Instead of water, it is the flow of food that defines a Foodshed. A Foodshed is the area of land where a community receives its food. Defined in this way, our Foodshed in Colorado Springs, a city that consumes a vast majority of imported food, would extend all over the globe. A local Foodshed, on the other hand, is the food that is grown within the community or in the surrounding bioregion.

Growers in Colorado Springs

  • Colorado College Student Farm, Colorado Springs CO
  • Pikes Peak Urban Garden, Colorado Springs CO
  • Venetucci Farm, Colorado Springs CO
  • Chico Basin Ranch, Colorado Springs CO
  • Daily Harvest, Colorado Springs, CO 

Local Producers within 250 miles

Farm Name Location Concentration/s
Frost Family Farms Fountain, CO Veggies
Hobbs Family Farm Pueblo, CO Veggies, seeds
Family Roots Farm Cañon City, CO Veggies
Larga Vista Ranch Pueblo, CO Pork, beef, milk, veggies
Venetucci Farm Colorado Springs, CO Veggies,
Lasater Ranch Matheson, CO Beef
Callicrate Beef St Francis, KS Beef, Pork
Mesa Winds Farm Hotchkiss, CO Stone fruit
Austin Family Farm Paonia, CO Stone fruit, veggies
Colon Orchard Cañon City, CO Apples, veggies
Country Roots Farm Pueblo, CO Veggies
Milberger Farm Pueblo, CO Veggies, Pueblo Chile
Lippis Farm Florence, CO Veggies
Smith Farm Rocky Ford, CO Melons
White Mountain Farm Mosca, CO Potatoes
Daily Harvest  Colorado Springs, CO Greenhouse Greens

What is Food Like at Colorado College?

The Bon Appétit Management Company (BAMCO) provides our food service at Colorado College. Bon Appétit makes an effort to source food from farmers and ranchers within this region of Colorado and as a company the have committed to sourcing “food for a sustainable future”. As a company, Bon Appétit is committed to the following criteria for their food purchasing:

Real Food Calculations for Colorado College:

This data was formulated by a group of students who conducted an audit of the food purchasing at Colorado College in 2015 using criteria from The Real Food Challenge calculator."‘Real food’ encompasses a concern for producers, consumers, communities, and the earth, and represents a common ground where all relevant issues from human rights to environmental sustainability can converge".

  • Total Percent Real Food: 22%
  • Percent Ecological: 9%
  • Farms, businesses, and other operations involved with food production practice environmental stewardship that conserves biodiversity and preserves natural resources, including energy, wildlife, water, air, and soil. Production practices should minimize toxic substances as well as direct and indirect petroleum inputs.

  • Percent Local + Community Based: 13%
  • These foods can be traced to nearby farms and businesses that are locally owned and operated. Sourcing these foods supports the local economy by keeping money in the community and builds community relations. The food travels fewer miles to reach consumers. The food is seasonal,and when it is fresh, it often has a higher nutrient content.

  • Percent Humane: 1%
  • Animals can express natural behavior in a low-stress environment and are raised with no hormones or unnecessary medication.

  • Percent Fair: 1%
  • Individuals involved in food production, distribution, preparation--and other parts of the food system—work in safe and fair conditions; receive a living wage;are ensured the right to organize and the right to a grievance process; and have equal opportunity for employment. Fair food builds community capacity and ensures and promotes socially just practices in the food system.

What organizations and clubs on campus focus on food?

Food Coalition:

  • Colorado Springs Food Rescue
  • Carnivore Club
  • Local Food Club
  • Colorado College Farm Club
  • The Real Food Challenge

Contact them if you would like to join and get involved!

Contributing Editors: 

Randy Kruse, General Manager of Bon Appetit at Colorado College

Judith Rice-Jones, Geography of Food Professor at University of Colorado Colorado Springs 


  • Green Cities Coalition - Local Food Map
  • Download the Local Food App, this allows you to easily find farmers, distributors, vendors that make up our local foodshed
Colorado College Student Farm (photo taken by Silas Scheer 2013) Colorado College Student Farm (photo taken by Silas Scheer 2013)