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    Questions regarding the Ritt Kellogg Fund can be directed to Andrew Allison-Godfrey, the Program Coordinator, or the Outdoor Education Office.

    (719) 389-6803


    Proposal Requirements

    Applicants are asked to address each of the requirements in their proposals. The proposal process provides the Ritt Kellogg Fund Advisory Committee with the appropriate information needed to make responsible and well-reasoned funding decisions.

    Proposal Content:

    • RKMF Expedition Application – Group Application, including the following:
      • The specific goal of the expedition
      • Firm dates of the expedition and total days in the field
      • Plan for team to solidify skills prior to the expedition start
      • Travel plans to and from the road head
      • Daily itinerary including maps, elevations, route topos, tide charts, etc.
      • Equipment list (including contents of first aid kit) and food details
      • Leave no trace plan
      • Cultural considerations (if applicable)
      • List of hazards and associated risk management plans
      • Emergency evacuation plans (including hospital, etc. contact info)
      • Special measures taken for individuals or area-specific concerns
      • Itemized budget including measures being taken to reduce costs
    • RKMF Expedition Application – Individual Questionnaire, one per applicant, including the following:
      • Signed medical release
      • Outdoor-skills résumé
      • References
      • Photocopies of current WFR Certification cards or letters of enrollment from your intended WFR provider (certification must be in force for the proposal dates; WFR cards are required for CC students as well as non-CC students participating on Ritt Fund trips)
      • Proof of certification or letters of enrollment for any outdoor-skills training listed in outdoor-skills résumé
    • RKMF Expedition Agreement, one per group
    • Participant Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risks & Release and Indemnity Agreement, one per applicant, includes parent signature even if >18 years

    The Ritt Kellogg Fund Advisory Committee will review, discuss, and vote on proposals. The considerations will include: compliance with Ritt Fund criteria, preparation of emergency and safety protocols, alignment with Ritt Fund mission, cost effectiveness and other factors.

    Advisory Committee members include Kellogg family members, outdoor educators, mountain guides, past Ritt Fund recipients and dear friends of Ritt Kellogg's. The Advisory Committee is committed to the Ritt Kellogg Fund and holds high expectations that proposals be thoughtful, succinct, and follow Ritt Fund Criteria.

    Proposals are to be submitted through SUMMIT on the Outdoor Education page. Deadlines are strict and proposals may be discounted if any components are missing. Proposals will be reviewed during Block V and the applicant(s) will receive notice by email at the end of Block VI.

    If you have any questions about the application requirements and process, please contact Andrew Allison-Godfrey ( If you have any technical questions about using SUMMIT, please contact the Outdoor Education Office (719) 389-6803.

    2008-09 trip

    All proposals to be considered for funding must be submitted by the first Wednesday of half block: January 9th, 2019.

    Please submit application materials through SUMMIT, CC's online trip management system. The process for submission is as follows: 

    1. Each group must submit one Group Expedition Application.
    2. Each expedition member must submit an Individual Application.