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Advisory Committee

The Ritt Kellogg Memorial Fund supports student expeditions through a generous endowment made by the Kellogg Family, in memory of their son Peter Rittenhouse Kellogg Jr. (Colorado College '90).

The RKMF Advisory Committee advises and supports Colorado College on program direction and development, and allocation of resources related to the Ritt Kellogg Memorial Fund. Committee members include a collection of experienced mountaineers, outdoorsmen and women, academics, outdoor educators and accomplished managers from the private and non-profit sectors. The Advisory Committee includes Ritt's family members, friends of Ritt and past Ritt Fund grant recipients.

Kirk Kellogg 

Kirk Kellogg is Ritt Kellogg’s brother and a founder of the Ritt Kellogg Fund. He is Senior Managing Partner of the Performance Group, a Wall Street specialist trading firm.

Lee Kellogg

Lee Kellogg is Ritt Kellogg’s sister and a founder of the Ritt Kellogg Fund.

Colby Coombs '89

After surviving the tragic accident that claimed Ritt Kellogg in 1992, Colby Coombs founded the Ritt Kellogg Fund in 1993 in cooperation with the Kellogg family and Ritt’s dear friends. Colby’s love for climbing and wilderness places led him to instruct courses for NOLS starting at age 19. He guided his first McKinley climb in 1993 for Alaska-Denali Guiding. Colby founded the Alaska Mountaineering School in 1996. Colby is also on the board of the American Mountain Guides Association. He is author of Denali: A Climber's Guide and Alaska: A Climber's Guide, both published by the Mountaineers Press. He lives in Talkeetna, Alaska with his wife Caitlin Palmer and their daughter.

Caitlin Palmer

Caitlin Palmer has been a Ritt Kellogg Fund Advisory Committee member since its inception. Caitlin has taught for a number of wilderness programs, universities, and guiding companies. Caitlin is a director and instructor for Alaska Mountaineering School, which she co-founded. She first summitted Denali on the 1994 Women's Breast Cancer Expedition. Caitlin's second love is pottery and gardening. She lives in Talkeetna, Alaska with her husband Colby Coombs and their daughter.

Chris Allison '90

Mary-Laurence Bevington '90

Mary-Laurence Bevington has been involved with the Ritt Kellogg Fund since its origin. While growing up in Atlanta, Mary played team sports and studied theatre arts. After attaining a BA in English from Colorado College in 1990, Mary became an outdoor educator. During her tenure, she worked for Wolfcreek Wilderness School, First Ascent, Regis University and Outward Bound West. She also assisted the Yosemite and Tuolumne search and rescue teams for two seasons. Mary lives in Boulder, Colorado where she is the managing director of "Movement Climbing and Fitness" and teaches yoga and pilates. 

Henry Beyer '90

Henry Beyer currently manages the AMGA’s Guide Track training and certification program. His responsibilities include enrollment, logistics, and staffing of all alpine, rock and ski discipline courses and exams. 

Gordy Kito '92

A close friend to Ritt Kellogg, Gordy Kito is a Colorado College graduate, founding member of the Ritt Kellogg Fund and the former (2004-2005) Ritt Kellogg Fund Advisory Committee President. As a climbing ranger in Denali National Park, Gordy is intimately familiar with the risks and rigors of high altitude, alpine expedition climbing. Gordy brings to the Advisory Committee extensive knowledge of expedition safety protocols, wilderness medical practices and leave no trace backcountry ethics. His experience in the National Park Service provides the Advisory Committee with a strong basis for non-profit management and governance. Gordy lives in Washington D.C. with his wife Julie Anne and their two sons.

Tom Hackett

A friend, classmate and fellow adventurer of Ritt's from The Colorado College, Tom Hackett is currently an Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic in Vail, Colorado. Having climbed throughout North and South America, Asia and beyond, Dr. Hackett has maintained ties within the climbing community and forged new ties in the world of wilderness and sports medicine. He serves as the medical advisor for the American Mountain Guides Association and the Boulder Outdoor Survival School. He is currently the head team physician for the US Snowboard team and the US rafting team and has worked extensively within MLB, the NFL and NBA. He travels extensively with various athletes and teams and teaches cutting edge operative techniques to surgeons around the globe.

David Barnett '96

David Barnett is a two-time Ritt Kellogg Fund recipient, a 1996 Colorado College Graduate and a Ritt Kellogg Fund Advisory Committee member since 1998. During the inaugural grant season in 1995, David ascended Mt. Sliverthrone in the Alaska Range. In 1996, his second grant allowed him to ascend the Sultana Ridge of Mt. Foraker also in the Alaska Range. David has more than fifteen years of rock and alpine climbing experience and his record of accomplishment includes adventures in Yosemite, the Bugaboos, the Tetons, the North Cascades, Rocky Mountain National Park the Black Canyon and Canyonlands. David has extensive experience as an outdoor educator, from which he has gained a keen understanding of wilderness safety and environmental ethics. He is currently a fellow of the Natural Resource Ecology Lab based in Fort Collins, Colorado, where his invasive species research work keeps him close to the public and private grant funding process, which is an asset he brings to the Ritt Kellogg Fund Advisory Committee. David lives in Jackson, Wyoming with his wife, Geneva Chong and their son.

Melis Coady '99

Melis Coady has been an active member of the Ritt Fund since 2004. She travels the globe teaching wilderness medicine classes for the Wilderness Medicine Institute and works seasonally as a guide and instructor for the Alaska Mountaineering School. Melis graduated from Colorado College in 1999 and was extremely active with the Outdoor Recreation Committee. Now an avid climber her passion has taken her exploring some of the lesser known regions on six continents. A three time Ritt Fund grant recipient and now Advisory board member, Melis knows first hand the importance of wilderness expeditions and adventure education. Melis now serves as the Advisory Committee Chair. 

Jason Hall '98

Jason Hall is a Ritt Kellogg Fund grant recipient, a 1998 Colorado College graduate, and a member of the Ritt Kellogg Fund Advisory Committee since 2002. Jason's passion for alpine mountaineering was born in the northern Cascades out of a love for skiing and climbing. This appreciation for time in the mountains has been shared with others through alpine, telemark, and adaptive ski instruction throughout the US. It has been the inspiration for adventures in the Alps and mountains of Alaska and the western US. Jason works as a hydrogeologist throughout the southwest. He lives with his wife, Sharada, and their two boys, Cobin and Haven, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Kishen Mangat '96

Kishen Mangat is a two-time Ritt Kellogg Fund grant recipient (1995 Expedition to Devil's Thumb, Alaska and 1996 Expedition to Mount Foraker, Alaska), a 1996 Colorado College Graduate and a Ritt Kellogg Fund Advisory Committee Member since 1998. He is a serial entrepreneur and has founded several technology companies. His most recent venture, BroadHop, Inc., was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2013, where he currently serves as Director, Mobility Product Management. Kishen's love for alpine and big wall climbing has taken him to Alaska, Africa, Yosemite, and throughout the mountain west. In 2013, he completed a single day ascents of El Capitan's Nose Route and Halfdome's Regular Northwest face route along with fellow Committee member, Bosier Parsons. During the 1990's, Kishen served as an Outward Bound mountaineering instructor in the California Sierra Mountains. He is a frequent guest speaker in the Colorado College Department of Economics and Business. He lives in Denver with his wife and two sons. 

Sam Newbury '02

Sam was born and raised in Alaska and is a 2002 graduate of Colorado College. He had the fortune of going on 3 RKMF trips during his time at CC.  He currently works wilderness, mountaineering and canoe courses for NOLS and other outdoor guiding companies. Sam holds a firm belief in the power of spending time in the wild with a small group of individuals.

Bo Parsons '95

Bosier Parsons grew up in the Chicago area, attended The Lawrenceville School and graduated from Colorado College in 1995, thereafter embarking on one of the inaugural RKMF expeditions to the Devils Thumb in Southeast Alaska. He enjoys climbing and skiing (among other things) and has especially enjoyed the wide variety of offerings in the western U.S. and local region. He has skied extensively on Pikes Peak, including multiple descents each of the East Face, the Y Couloir, and all three branches of the W Couloirs. He has also climbed over 40 technical rock routes on Pikes Peak, almost every major formation in Rocky Mountain National Park, including 15 ascents of the Diamond via 8 different routes, the Incredible Hulk twice, Half Dome, The Nose on El Cap, and 15 different routes in the Black Canyon. He has also enjoyed climbing trips to Red Rocks, Zion, the desert, the Winds, and the Tetons. He recently co-founded and is the current President of the Pikes Peak Climbers Alliance, a local climbing organization dedicated to education, stewardship, and preservation of climbing resources in the Pikes Peak region. Bo lives in Colorado Springs with his daughter, Mia, who is an up-and-coming outdoor enthusiast.

John Thomson '07 (Chair)

John graduated from Colorado College in 2007 with a degree in environmental science, and has been a Ritt Kellogg Fund Advisory Committee member since 2010. He traces his passion for wilderness to his Minnesota roots, and his education as a climber began at CC with trips to the South Platte, weekends in Black Canyon, and time spent across the desert. While a student John received two Ritt Kellogg Fund Expedition Grants, the first in 2005 for a ski mountaineering trip in California's Sierra Nevada and the second in 2006 for an alpine climbing expedition in British Columbia's Waddington Range. Since graduation John guided mountaineering expeditions and instructed avalanche courses in the Cascades, Alaska, and abroad; returned to school to earn an MBA from Northwestern University; and now works as an investor. John lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife Elaine.

Libby Bushell '07

Libby graduated from Colorado College in 2007 and has been a Ritt Kellogg Fund Advisory Committee member since 2013. She is the founder and owner of HOWL, an outdoor adventure program serving the youth of Homer, Alaska, where she lives. She is a 2-time RKMF Expedition Grant recipient and an avid outdoorswoman.

Elena Mihaly '07

Elena Mihaly is a 2007 Colorado College graduate and has been a Ritt Kellogg Fund Advisory Committee member since 2013. While at CC, Elena received a Ritt Kellogg grant to climb the Lotus Flower Tower in the Cirque of the Unclimbables in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Elena has been climbing for the past ten years, sticking her paws in cracks all over the world—from the granite walls in the South Platte, to the ochre cliffs of Morocco’s Gorge de Todra, to the monolithic spires of Arenales in Argentina. During college, Elena worked as a rock guide for Colorado Mountain School in Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park. Wanting to give back to the wild places she loves climbing in, Elena pursued a career as an environmental lawyer. She currently works as an attorney at the Conservation Law Foundation, a New England environmental advocacy organization. Elena lives in Somerville, Massachusetts. 

Dan Erwin '96

Pat Kearney '02

Pat graduated in 2002 and has been on the Ritt Kellogg Advisory Committee since 2014. While at CC, Pat received one Ritt Kellogg grant which fundamentally changed the trajectory of his life and ultimately brought him to NOLS. At NOLS Pat has worked all over the world primarily leading river, back country skiing and hiking courses. He currently lives in Jackson, Wyoming and works as an elementary school teacher and spending as much time as possible outside. 

Erik Rieger '12

Erik Rieger graduated from Colorado College in 2012 and joined the Ritt Kellogg Advisory Committee in 2014. During college, he received two Ritt Kellogg expedition grants and was editor of the Colorado College Alpine Journal. His passion for wild places, stories, and photography brought him to become the Assistant Editor & Art Director of the American Alpine Journal and Accidents in North American Mountaineering. Erik spends as much time climbing and being outside as possible and believes that self-sufficient, remote adventures lead to "something." He lives in Ridgway, CO.

Chris Dickson '13 

Chris is a Expedition and Education Grant recipient and served briefly as the RKMF Coordinator prior to joining the RKMF Advisory Committee in 2016. Originally from Massachusetts, Chris grew up playing in the outdoors and developed a love for wild places and wild adventures. At CC, he honed his passion for outdoor education by leading trips and training his peers in the realms of backpacking, climbing and skiing. During his junior year, he received an Expedition Grant to climb in the Bugaboos, which solidified his belief in the transformative power of a RKMF expedition. After graduating from CC in 2013, Chris served as the RKMF Coordinator for two years and helped strengthen relationships between the Fund and the College. Now, Chris works as a field instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School and pursues amazing adventures as often as possible. 

Hilaree O'Neill '95

Tim Barker '06