After conducting independent research on the relationships between formal and informal multidimensional mentoring networks during the 2020-21 AY, Dr. Heidi R. Lewis, Coordinator of Early Career Faculty Development Programs and Associate Professor of Feminist & Gender Studies, co-created the Mentoring Alliance Program (MAP) with Dr. Peony Fhagen, Senior Associate Dean for Equity, Inclusion, & Faculty Development and Director of the Crown Faculty Center. 

Since MAP facilitates interdisciplinary and collective support for early career faculty, it is more sustainable than the previous 1:1 model that had been dormant for 4 years, yielding a 30% reduction in necessary labor by requiring just over 40 tenured faculty to support nearly 120 early career faculty for more than 30 years per current hiring trends. Further, the program is less exploitative, per the college's growing commitments to equity, in that all conveners are compensated. As a result, the program was approved by Dr. Claire Garcia, then Dean of the Faculty and Interim Provost, and inaugurated during the 2021-22 AY. 

As of the 2022-23 AY, Dr. Emily Chan, Dean of the Faculty and Vice President, approved expanding the program's capacity to support for full-time visiting faculty. 


MAP is committed to strengthening Colorado College’s retention and antiracism efforts by facilitating interdisciplinary and collective support for early career faculty who have much to offer regarding new ideas, energy, and experiences. MAP also supports tenured faculty in developing their capacity for robust, intentional, and interdisciplinary mentoring for early career faculty in collaboration with all relevant on-campus constituencies.


MAP aims to support a college-wide cultural shift regarding early career faculty development from a disempowering, paternalistic approach to one that honors and recognizes the skills and talents of early career faculty. MAP also aims to situate Colorado College as a premier site for early career faculty development that is as attentive to antiracism and interdisciplinarity as it is undergraduate teaching excellence, quality scholarship, and impactful service.

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