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Meeting Times & Agendas

The LPOG currently meets from 3:00 – 4:00pm on Thursdays as needed in Tutt Library.

Next Meeting




Important Stuff To Talk About Later

  • Shared storage in the building - what about coats?
  • What will be the mechanism for suggestions modifications after we review metrics?
  • How can we collaborate / coordinate hiring student workers to work in the new library?
  • Talk with campus safety about sign-in procedure and rounds
  • How will LPOG interface with ITAL regarding governance?
  • Experimental classroom details
  • Presentation room details
  • Events space details
  • Internal cross-training for referring customers properly
  • Late night snacks (after midnight) provided for students. The library cannot keep funding this by themselves going forward.

Other notes

  • We should suggest to the Registrar that preference be given to classes wanting to use library services.
  • For cleanliness: keep cleaning materials and waste receptacles close by and easy to use

In the future...

  • Put carrels and lockers on room reservation system?
  • Wayfinding could show which computers are not currently in use


Core Standing Members

  • Library Director - JoAnn Jacoby
  • Colket Center Director - Traci Freeman
  • ITS: Solutions Center Team Lead - Chad Schonewill
  • Instructional Technology - Matt Gottfried
  • Tutt Library Operations Manager - Jenn Sides

Rotating Advisory Members

  • Outposters - Drew Cavin
  • Library Services - Jessy Randall
  • Advising Hub - Jennifer O'Bryant

Ex-Officio Member

  • Library Administrative Assistant - Patti Spoelman