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KRCC Interviews

Assigning Everest: A Conversation with Mark Bryant, former Editor of Outside Magazine (Apr. 19, 2016)
Mark Bryant was the editor of Outside Magazine in 1996 and sent Jon Krakauer not only to climb Mount Everest, but to write about the dangers of the increasing commercialization and crowding on the world's highest peak. When things went disastrously wrong on the mountain, he worked with Krakauer to edit the story that eventually became the best-seller Into Thin Air. In this audio interview, Bryant discusses the rise of adventure writing and the decision to send Krakauer on an assignment that could easily have claimed his life.

An Interview with Journalist, Novelist, and Adventurer Peter Heller (May 4, 2015)
Journalist and novelist Peter Heller has led a life of adventure, covering extraordinary stories in remote parts of the world for magazines such as Outside, Men’s Journal, and National Geographic Adventure. The author of several critically acclaimed books of nonfiction, he recently made a foray into fiction-writing with his bestselling novel “The Dog Stars”and his new book, “The Painter.” He is interviewed by Hampton Sides.

The Life of the Mic: An Interview with NPR’s Peter Breslow (March 4, 2015)
Over the course of his career at NPR, Peter Breslow has covered stories all over the world — from war zones in the Middle East to a blues bar in Alabama. In the process, he’s earned some of the most prestigious awards in journalism. Now a senior producer at Weekend Edition, he’s helped define the sound and scope of one of NPR’s signature programs. Breslow was teaching a block at Colorado College and gave a talk on campus titled “From War Zones to O2-Less Zones: Covering the World for NPR.” KRCC’s Jake Brownell speaks with Breslow in advance of talk.

Author Angela Ricketts Tells of War’s Toll on the Homefront (Feb. 3, 2015)
As the wife of an Army colonel, Angela Ricketts knows firsthand the effects of war on the families of those who serve. In her acclaimed debut book, “No Man's War: Irreverent Confessions of an Infantry Wife,” she offers a behind-the-scenes look at the sacrifices made and the hardships endured by soldiers' spouses and children, and provides a rare glimpse into the tight-knit, sometimes insular community of military families. Hampton Sides speaks with Ricketts about her book.

Strawberry Fields, Forever: The Long and Winding Legacy of a Beatles Classic (Dec. 15, 2014)
Award-winning composer and producer Scott Freiman combines his love of the Beatles with his experience as a composer, producer, and engineer to deliver a unique lecture, “A Trip through Strawberry Fields.” He moves past the personalities of the four Beatles to uncover the reasons why their music continues to be loved by millions. CC Associate Professor of English Steven Hayward speaks with Freiman about the lecture and how the music of this iconic band changed popular culture forever.

Author Scott Anderson on the Legacy of T.E. Lawrence (Oct. 27, 2014)
Scott Anderson is a seasoned war correspondent and author of the novel “Triage.” His most recent book, “Lawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, and the Making of the Modern Middle East,” tells the story of T.E. Lawrence, an Oxford-educated archeologist who helped shape the Middle East as we know it during and after World War One. CC Associate Professor of English Steve Hayward speaks with Anderson about his work.

Bestselling Author S.C. Gwynne on the Unlikely Ascent of Stonewall Jackson (Oct. 14, 2014)
S.C. Gwynne, author of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated best seller, “Empire of the Summer Moon,” speaks about his new book, “Rebel Yell: The Violence, Passion, and Redemption of Stonewall Jackson,” which tells the story of Civil War Gen. Stonewall Jackson’s unlikely rise to greatness. CC Associate Professor of English Steven Hayward speaks with Gwynne about his career as a writer and journalist.

Historian with a Novelist’s Tools: An Interview with Hampton Sides (Oct. 3, 2013)
CC Associate Professor of English Steven Hayward interviews Hampton Sides about his writing and forthcoming book (at that time) “In the Kingdom of Ice.” Sides describes how he became interested in this Arctic adventure story, which in many ways was similar to Ernest Shackleton’s, except this one took place at the North Pole, not the South. Sides describes it as an important American adventure story that few people know about, even though it was a consequential story in its day with interesting characters. If it were a movie, he says, the tagline would be: They went north, and then everything went south.

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