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Venture Grants

If your Venture Grant project does not involve interacting with people, it does not require IRB approval or exemption. Moreover, if your project is strictly a matter of personal interest and will not involve applying for academic credit or a grade, or using project findings for a major or minor senor thesis, it does not require IRB review; however even in this case you must contact Amanda Udis-Kessler so that she can inform the Provost's Advisory Committee. You may also be eligible for the interaction research exemption. If you have any questions, or if the Provost's Advisory Committee asks you to check with the IRB about a project, please contact Amanda Udis-Kessler.

If your Venture Grant project will be taking place abroad, please also review the IRB information about international research projects.

If your Venture Grant information collection is for your senior thesis, your thesis advisor must review and approve your IRB proposal before the IRB will review it. If your Venture Grant information collection is simply for your own personal growth and edification, you do not need a faculty member to sign off on the application.

The IRB does not deal with any Venture Grant-related questions other than those that are specifically about the IRB. All non-IRB questions related to your Venture Grant go to the Provost's Advisory Committee, not to the IRB. The IRB is not able to answer Venture Grant questions. Similarly, do not send a draft of your Venture Grant proposal to the IRB. The IRB does not review Venture Grant materials, only IRB applications and relevant attachments.

Please note that students must complete the IRB process before their Venture Grants are reviewed by the Provost's Advisory Committee (PAC). If the PAC does not have evidence of a student's approved or exempt IRB proposal when they review the Venture Grant application, the Venture Grant application will be tabled until the following month, which may mean that you lose your chance to receive a Venture Grant.