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Racquetball Tournament
Rules of Tournament

Matches will be determined by winning the best 2 out of 3 games up to 15 points (or 21 if agreed upon by both participants). You must win by 2 points. The matches are limited to one hour in length.

Serving rules:

  • During the first two games, the opponents will alternate serving first.
  • When serving, the server must be in the service zone. Service faults occur when: a) the ball hits the front wall and lands in front of the long line (back court boundary); b) the ball hits three or more walls, or if c) the ball hits the ceiling or back wall without landing in the returning zone first. One foot fault is allowed. The serve is lost if a second foot fault occurs.
  • Points are awarded only when serving.
  • On a serve, the ball can not be returned on the fly in front of the dotted line which is behind the service area.
  • On the serve, if the ball hits the floor or one of the side walls before hitting the front wall, it is an automatic forfeit of serve.
  • If the match goes to a third game, the player totaling the greater number of points in the first 2 games serves first.


General rules:

  • In returning the ball (excluding a serve), it is legal to hit it on the fly or one bounce, but after it is hit, it can not hit the floor before it hits the front wall. The ball can, however, hit any combination of other walls.
  • You must give your opponent a clear, unobstructed view of the ball. Interference may be called and the serve repeated if a clear path is not present.
  • General National Racquetball Association rules apply.