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Racquetball Tournament

Entry Form Due: Friday, January 27, 2017, 5:00 pm
Play Begins: Monday, January 30

The email address that the participant submits on the official roster form will be used to send information regarding schedules, rules, policies, and procedures at least 48 hours before the start of the sport season.

The Basics...

All tournament games are played in the racquetball courts on the lower level of the AFP Fitness Center. Tournament play is scheduled in a traditional double-elimination format. All champions and semi-finalists will receive IM Champion t-shirts. 

A match will be determined on a best 2 out of 3 games basis. Games will be played to 15 points, or to 21 points if agreed upon by both competitors. Participants are responsible for recording their results on the master tournament bracket located on the bulletin board outside the racquetball courts.

2016-2016: Doubles Champions, Theo Hooker and Tim Huettel

2015-2016: Singles Champion, Eric Raczkowski

Past Champions...

2015-2016: Singles, Eric Raczkowski; Doubles, Theo Hooker and Tim Huettel
Men's Singles, David Weddle
Men's Singles, David Weddle
Men's Singles, David Weddle; Men's Doubles, "Tony Hawks Pro Raquetballers", Michael Wendorf & Alexander Rasmussen
Men's Singles, Anatoly Kazakin; Men's Doubles, "Over the Edge", Anatoly Kazakin and Jonathan Spear
 Men's Singles, David Weddle; Men's Doubles, "Who's Your Granddaddy", David Weddle and Louis Ciccetolo
2006-2007: Men's Singles, Chris Goodman-Smith; Men's Doubles, Chris Goodman-Smith and JP Brunkhorst
2005-2006: Men's Singles, Chris Goodman-Smith; Men's Doubles, David Weddle & Josh Fritts
2004-2005: Men's Singles, Chris Goodman-Smith; Men's Doubles, Eric Martinson and Perry Wright
2003-2004: Men's singles, Chris Goodman-Smith
2002-2003: Men's singles, David Weddle; Doubles, David Weddle & David Danks
2001-2002: Men's singles, David Weddle; Doubles, Rob Backlund & Andy Woodward 
2000-2001: Men's singles, Ed Bell; Doubles, "Phds for Hire", Ed Bell & Dave Siemers 
1999-2000: Men's singles, Cayman Seacrest; Women's singles, Julie Van Hoy; Doubles, Seacrest & Moffitt 
1998-1999: Men's singles, Kyle Hannan; Doubles, Kyle Hannan & JP Stewart 
1997-1998: Men's singles, Grundzein; Women's singles, Katy Derby; Doubles, Keilty & Ladwig 
1996-1997: Men's singles, Jonathan Hen-Tov; Women's singles, Jackie Shimp; Doubles, Bob Jacobs & Jonathan Hen-Tov 
1995-1996: Men's singles, Jonathan Hen-Tov; Women's singles, Audrey Maxfield; Doubles, Jonathan Hen-Tov & Kamble