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Inner-Tube Water Polo

Rosters Due: Friday, March 10, 5:00 pm
Play Begins:
Monday, March 27, Schlessman Natatorium, El Pomar Sports Complex

The email address that the captain submits on the official roster form will be used to send information regarding schedules, rules, policies, and procedures at least 48 hours before the start of the sport season. 

The Basics

All inner tube water polo games are played in Schlessman Natatorium. League play is organized in accordance with a round robin format. Final season rankings will be determined by 1) winning percentage, 2) head to head play, 3) point differential, and/or 4) a tie-breaker. The top teams in each division will advance to a single elimination tournament to determine the overall champion. All members of the winning team will receive IM Champion t-shirts.

General organizational rules include the following: The playing field consists of 6 vs. 6 with the mandatory co-ed rule of two members of the underrepresented sex in effect at every game. The game consists of two 20-minute running halves with a five-minute halftime. In the case of a tie, a five-minute sudden death overtime will be played.

General playing rules include the following: Play begins with a "swim off," where each team touches the wall and races to the center of the pool where the ref throws the ball. Players are required to sit in the inner tube. Male players are only allowed to catch, throw, manipulate, or maneuver the ball with one hand; both female players and goalies are permitted to use two hands. Appropriate swimming attire is required -- cut offs are not permitted. All Water Polo rules may be found in the IM Rules folder.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. The following behaviors will result in a warning and the possibility of a game ejection and subsequent expulsion: cursing at the officials, supervisors, or opposing players and/or insulting the officials, supervisors, or opposing players. Participating in a fight and/or intentional/flagrant fouls will result in an automatic ejection. Participants ejected from a game are prohibited in playing in their next TWO scheduled games.

FORFEITS: Any team that is assessed a forfeit will be kicked out of the league. A forfeit will be assessed to any team for the following: 1) not showing up for a scheduled game within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time, 2) not having the minimum number of participants required to compete, 3) not calling 24 hours in advance to reschedule a game, 4) playing with an ineligible player, or 5) not observing the Co-ed Rule.

2016-17 Champions

Water Polo, Daddies

Daddies (members: Gabriel Chavez, Jacob Miller, Chris Martin, Yiannas Margetis, Edmund Pendleton, Jacob Golbus, Rianna Reimers, Kate Loy, Emily Harrison, Casey Torbet, Connor Reese, Payton Katich, Kaylyn Radtke)

Past Champions

2014-2015: Dezso Gyarmati Elite (team members: Sam Curran, Pele Buika, Tyler Jonas, Heather Seeley, Luke Winfield, Chris Lesnansky, Juwan Rohan, Justin Beradino, Rachel Herron, Mary Bowman, James Lonergan and Kaeli Vandersluis)

2013-2014: Smiling Puppies (team members: Juwan Rohan, James Lonergan, Tyler Jonas, Luke Winfield, Mitch Carter, Kaeli Vandersluis, Sarah Schweiss, Heather Seeley, Pele Buika, Jaclyn Silsby, Sam Curran, Mary Bowman, Jessie Ayers, Carina Lauzon and Rachel Herron)

2012-2013: FU Zulu

2011-2012: FU Zulu

2010-2011: No Champion

2009-2010: Fu Zulu

2008-2009: Fu Zulu

2007-2008: The Zulu Warriors

2006-2007: Ocean of Death

2005-2006: Cheerios

2004-2005: Oedipus Rex and the Mama's Boys

2003-2004: Von Hammer & the Nails

2001-2002: Innertubular