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Indoor Futsal

Rosters Due: Friday, January 27, 5:00 pm
Play Begins: Monday, January 30, Small Gym, El Pomar Sports Center

The email address that the captain submits on the official roster form will be used to send information regarding schedules, rules, policies, and procedures at least 48 hours before the start of the sport season. 

The Basics

All broomball games are played in the Honnen Ice Rink on the Colorado College campus. Equipment is available from the office at Honnen Ice Rink upon presentation of a valid CC ID. 

Submitted entry forms will be evenly divided-up into any number of pools in which either round-robin pool-play will be scheduled or a double-elimination tournament scheduled so as to determine the top seated team(s) in each pool. The top seated team(s) will then advance to a single elimination tournament to decide the overall league champions. All members of the championship team will receive an IM Champions t-shirt. 

General organizational rules include the following: The game is played 6 vs. 6 (5 ice players and 1 goalie). The game consists of two 20-minute running-time halves. Stop-time will be used during the last two minutes of the second half. In the event of a tie after regulation play, a 5-minute sudden death overtime will be issued to declare a winner. 

General playing rules include the following: High sticking, hand passing, kicking, throwing the stick and offsides are all prohibited. Players must play the ball NOT other players. Roughing, cross-checking, elbowing are strictly prohibited. Rubber soled non-marking tennis or basketball type shoes suitable for running on ice are recommended. No spikes, cleats, heavy boots, street shoes, or ice skates are allowed. 

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. The following behaviors will result in a warning and the possibility of a game ejection and subsequent expulsion: cursing at the officials, supervisors, or opposing players; insulting the officials, supervisors, or opposing players. Participating in a fight and/or intentional/flagrant fouls will result in an automatic ejection from the tournament. 

FORFEITS: Any team that is assessed a forfeit will be kicked out of the league. A forfeit will be assessed to any team for the following: 1) not showing up for a scheduled game within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time, 2) not having the minimum number of participants required to compete, 3) not calling 24 hours in advance to reschdule a game, 4) playing with an ineligible player, or 5) not observing the Co-ed Rule.

2016-17 Champions

Futsal League, Odds Are...

Odds Are... (members: Gaving Cobb, Vivi Engen, Ibbe Febvre, Georgia Bermingham, Clay Elliott, James Reynolds, Zach Holman, Lily Benjamin, Eli Bresler, Ben Tweedy, Sam Hale, Phil Korolog, Eli Bresler, Perry Fitz, and Phil Engh)

Past Champions

2015-2016: Papi Chulos (members: Jairo Pineros, Emilio Rodriguez, Jeronimo Miranda, Ben Steele, Nathan Makela, Tony Connors, Maya Payel, Jules Norton, Emma Wilson, Ellen Smith and Camille Cottereau)

2014-2015: Odds Are... (members: Sam Hale, Gavin Cobb, Clay Elliott, Perry Fitz, James Reynolds, Vivi Engen, Ibby Febvre, Phil Korolog, Caleb Cofsky, Conner Haney, Ben Tweedy and Will Harlow)

2014-2015: Odds Are...

2013-2014: Headless Horst-men (members: Dan Herz, Elliott Levett, Sawyer Connelly, Sierra Keeler, Alli Weibel and Caroline O'Neil)

2012-2013: Joga Bonito (members: Santiago Burbano, Kathryn Perry, Axel Bjerke, Rafael Alonso, Yukiya Numano, Ricardo Tenente, Natalie Dulin, Jorge Rivera, Hana Wasserman, Ami Egerstrom, Masakazu, Iwasaki, Gabriel Maldonado, Caroline Mulroy, Kelsey Lenihan, Matt Weidner, Eva Hicks, Zoe Santos)